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Thread: 1st Pickup Build - Handwound Humbucker

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    1st Pickup Build - Handwound Humbucker

    Hey there,

    After doing an exhausting amount of research on the art of pickup building/winding the past few months, I finally got a MojoTone winder and started to wind my own pickups.

    The first thing I wanted to do was build a T-Top style humbucker (at least, I matched the magnet, wire guage, and coil resistance to a set of vintage T-Tops in my LP Custom) - Now, I know being my first go at pickup winding, I should probably start with something that wasn't machine-wound, but I really loved the sound of those T-Tops!

    Well, needless to say, they aren't identical. BUT I was surprised at how decent they sounded. I really have no idea how much tension I'm putting (or am supposed to be putting) on the wire as I'm doing this, or how often I should be moving my hand back amd forth (I started at about 45 turns per layer on the neck coils, then moved to around 60 for the bridge coils).

    They definitely have kind of a PAF sound to them, character wise. It seems to be maybe a bit weaker than my T-Tops, and... yea, they're terribly microphonic

    I'm probably going to pot these at some point (another dive away from the original T-Top specs), then just keep em in my Epi SG and remember 'the day I made my first P'UP'.

    Anyone have some advice on my future T-Top endeavors?

    - Zach
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    According to what I've read, T-tops were wound with 42 SPN wire.
    Around 5000 turns per coil. Around 7500-7800 ohms DCR.
    Your TPL sounds low, others can tell you for sure.
    What DCR did you wind up on each pickup?
    If you have the covers on, that may be the source of your microphonics.
    Until you get them perfected, try them uncovered.

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    Hey T
    Thanks for the reply

    I used the 42 AWG wire from Remington for this.
    I measured these from the end of the pickup wire (it was about 74 in the room at the time)

    The Neck P'Up came in at 7.76, and the Bridge was 7.95

    Both of these were a bit hotter than my LP Pickups, which read in at 7.58 at the neck and 7.82 in the bridge, at the same temperature.

    I'll take the covers off for now and see how they sound. Thanks for the advice!

    P.S. I'm not sure why, but I couldn't reply on my original account.. weird

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