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  1. What type of pickups are this?
  2. Question About Microphonics
  3. Stacked Pickup and Hum
  4. nickel-silver humbucker covers 52mm (2.050)
  5. Requesting Preliminary Design Critique (Split-Blade Sidewinder)
  6. New Polymer Neodium magnet VIDEO, standard pickup constructions tests and comparison
  7. Time to Come Clean
  8. The reluctance fairy: a deceptive little devil
  9. Les Paul neck pickup question.
  10. The virus is back...
  11. Fiber flatwork vs plastic bobbin.
  12. Newby question
  13. Mojo A5x.187x.688 Magnets
  14. strat pickup jig
  15. Bill Turner has passed
  16. Bobbin Position - affect on output?
  17. Proud Father again
  18. Need a recipe for this project
  19. Zexcoil pickups
  20. Anyone play with D Allen pickups?
  21. StewMac 'bucker Bobbins (different specs)
  22. Which plastic for Plastic pickup covers
  23. Pickups with Ferrite rods or cores
  24. If six was seven?
  25. Charlie Christian coil height?
  26. What is your single biggest pickup related purchase?
  27. RAW Vintage Strat Pickups
  28. Humbucker baseplate - std size? (& does anyone have a drawing/dxf file etc)
  29. Environmental Diagnosis
  30. Ibanez Super 58's
  31. secrect old spec custom made AWC wire. Still sucks.
  32. Ever make your own guitar?
  33. Low Z Bass Pickup Wiring - Help Needed!
  34. Dangit! Forgot to Charge Mags (Tele Bridge)
  35. Two coils, one bobbin
  36. Anyone know the circuits in the Seymour Duncan and Dimarzio active pups?
  37. Anyone built a test jig, or mule guitar for testing pickups ?
  38. Hayman pickups
  39. A source for Epiphone Casino Dogear covers
  40. Unpottin or unwaxing Pickups
  41. Humbuckers with mushy/fuzzy tone :confused:
  42. Looking for a tapped strat bridge single coil
  43. Plain Enamel Question
  44. What would happen if...
  45. So what in solder "sounds" bad, and what can be done about it?
  46. multi-gauge wire humbucker question
  47. Mini-bucker ring dimensions on Epiphone Sheraton?
  48. How is the Suhr BPSSC working?
  49. First mini bass bucker rewind.
  50. Differences between telecaster and Stratocaster pickups
  51. New Mojotone Butyrate humbucker bobbins. How accurate are they ?
  52. P-90 Bobbin. Are Allparts and Mojo the same Bobbin ?
  53. sidewinder wiring and winding....
  54. strat bobbin stripped
  55. Problem after potting
  56. Odd pickup effect on Epiphone casino
  57. Potting question
  58. Circuits involve active electronics and a dummy coil.
  59. Chemically removing Chrome Plating?
  60. Essex Plain enamel
  61. 1 humbucker and 2 strats to make, i need help and recommendation please!
  62. tv jones classic spec
  63. Capacitance of braided shielded wire (Gibson type), if you please? :-)
  64. Looking for something completely wrong....
  65. Have you seen this...?
  66. Part list
  67. Source for thin single core shielded cable in the UK?
  68. Sampling the string: differences between single coil and humbuckers
  69. made a 'bifilar' hb, took some measurements
  70. Pickups with Air Coils
  71. Ground the poles? Ground to cavity shielding?
  72. Epi guitar kit, unknown pickup size
  73. Copper shielding & eddy currents
  74. HB Base plate sources....
  75. new gibson ccontrol cavity circuit board CRAP
  76. 1215 Steel
  77. What bobbin materials are safe for machine sanding?
  78. Toaster Covers
  79. Gibson Bass pickup disection
  80. The Wiki
  81. Early Seymour Duncan pickups
  82. B- band opinions
  83. Here are Bode Plot Generators for Guitar Freq Response
  84. HSS Pickup Polarity
  85. soundhole pickup specs
  86. handwinding: the variables are...?!
  87. Springs vs tubing: could coating even out the differences?
  88. EMG 40 covers?
  89. How Do You Remove a Pup Cover
  90. Pickup kit for 5 string bass
  91. Can anyone id these pickups ?
  92. Bartolini bass pickup 5 stirngs Gary willis model spec
  93. Montreux pickup parts webpage
  94. Building Jazz Bass pups
  95. What should I know about older Vox pickups?
  96. strat pickups
  97. Neodymium-iron-boron polymer magnets
  98. Light Reading
  99. Making a 5-string pickup similar to 4-string pickups; ohms or turns?
  100. DeArmond USA humbucker question, any experts?
  101. Gibson nickel humbucker covers
  102. DeArmond Speed bump pickup
  103. DeArmond Rowe USA humbucker pickup question
  104. 34 lbs. of force from Neo bar mag enough to charger alnico?
  105. Anyone know where I can get some large A8 bar Magnets?
  106. Wire tension experiment
  107. Bonding aluminum to alnico rods
  108. What's Pat Metheny's pickup arrangement?
  109. 2002 ibanez sa 160, looking for a bridge pickup. any ideas?
  110. Magnets for an 8 string P90 style pick up
  111. best shielded hookup wire for split coil HBs?
  112. Mojotone P90 kit
  113. Nickel Silver soapbar covers coming soon
  114. Magnetic Isolation for a Hexaphonic pickup
  115. P Bass? J Bass? I don't know! I'm a guitar guy. HELP?
  116. Alnico 8 Sound Test
  117. Winding Firebird -ish Pickups ... something different...
  118. Gibson wiring question
  119. jazzmaster Pickup - coil winds, general schematic (CORRECT FORUM)
  120. Dark Star inspired bass pickup with sound clips
  121. Lefty strat sets
  122. Why does ^ reluctance ^ RAC?
  123. Looking for alternate nickel-silver Tele cover supply
  124. Sigle Coil : lack of smoothness and mediums ....
  125. Copper Covers?
  126. Twin Thin pick ups
  127. What Kind of Wire is This????
  128. peter green '59 paul sound
  129. Buffing Humbucker Covers Video
  130. 1.94" steel spacers (screw keepers)
  131. '71 T-Top mangled, modded, possible damage at the border...
  132. P-94 bobbins.
  133. Fender Custom shop Tele bridge squeal
  134. Addition to PEvsPOLY test with recommendations amended by David Schwab.
  135. Baseplate source and problems.....
  136. PE vs Poly wire isolation experiment with sound samples included
  137. Xotic Hum reduction
  138. have you guys seen this?
  139. Humbucker cover
  140. The history of the Wah-Wah pedal
  141. forbon laser settings
  142. Anyone Rewound Filtertrons? (which wire for desired DC resistance?)
  143. a charlie christian replica: believing my ears or theory?
  144. Seeking Info & Opinions Re: Electromuse Eye-Beam Pickup (for Lap Steel)
  145. Tapped single coil Tele bridge pu
  146. Anyone got nekkid pictures of Electromuse Eye-Beam?
  147. Microphonic Guild Humbucker from a 1977 S-100 (SG)
  148. Pups for 3 humbucker guitar
  149. Vintage-correct Mini Humbucker covers?
  150. Good ways of attaching shielding
  151. Vintage P90 gauss
  152. 30vs120 layout step in a row coil winding video experiment(standart winding style)
  153. Does anyone know of a good place to get bucker/p90 baseplates engraved?
  154. Good video on Seymour Duncan
  155. P-90 bobbin review
  156. Active Pickups Anyone?...
  157. Dearmond 210
  158. Copper Plated Tele Baseplates?
  159. 2002 HW1 Strat pickup upgrade question
  160. Grrrrr
  161. Coil calculating software and bobbin winding information
  162. Destroyed Fishman Rare Earth Blender
  163. seymour duncan humbuckers clockwise or anticlockwise winding?
  164. Winding Problem
  165. Good 7-string bucker formula?
  166. Magnitizing magnets??
  167. World's strongest magnet thus far
  168. Hardwood bobbins, possible insulation corrosion?
  169. PRS 57/08 questions
  170. Humbucker lead wire ?
  171. Pickup cover emergency!
  172. Compressed sounding pickups
  173. Q:What if Mojo doesn't make a can big enough for you?
  174. A newbie attempting stacked pickup
  175. Old Strat Pickups
  176. Humbucker Magnets from Addiction FX
  177. blade humbucker dimensions
  178. Machine vs handmade winding, some tests with interesting results please take a look.
  179. P-13 rewind
  180. tools for punching forbon, part 1
  181. Flatwork
  182. HQ Pickup winding wire from AndryPickupParts team
  183. Who provides/cuts their own surgical tubing?
  184. Bobbins arrive from Sanhe
  185. harmony stratotone dearmond problem
  186. Check out Google's tribute to Les Paul
  187. found in the 'scrap pile'
  188. Neusilber baseplate for humbucker
  189. die sets for punch presses
  190. New to this Gauss, Gauss question
  191. What in the world could these things be??
  192. Q-meter
  193. Making good measuremnets with imperfect driver coils
  194. Patent on dual blades
  195. Interested in the Dan Armstrong Plexiglass Bass-style pickup design...
  196. tonight is a big night
  197. inverse square eraser
  198. Reality Check: DC Offset from Passive Pickup is Impossible?
  199. demagnetizing alnico 5 rods
  200. Difference between magnets, rough vs polish...
  201. Need Nickel silver tele neck pickup supply
  202. Epiphone pickup bottom plate ?
  203. Reasonable warranty period for hand-wound pickups?
  204. Washburn J6 Pickups
  205. Drilling Your Own Flatwork: Bits?!
  206. Can you give me some Gauss...?
  207. What a bargain!! PAFs on Ebay
  208. Correct measurement between flatwork on a strat bobbin
  209. lets wrap wire around this
  210. Humbucker vs sidewinder difference sound clip
  211. not clear on the clockwise
  212. New Travis Bean Bridge Pickup. Quadcoils pickup?
  213. Dearmond 210 ( adjustable poles ) Rewind
  214. Program for making & printing drawings,blueprints,templates .......
  215. Need replacement pickup for Gibson BR-6 lap steel
  216. Pickup makers- what do you think of this new PRS model's pickups?
  217. Multiple Coil Tap Switch Question
  218. Modern Gibson Thunderbird Pickups Specs? (Humbucker?)
  219. Sanhe TT wire details - sanity check needed!
  220. 1940s 41 awg Single Formvar
  221. Gretsch Pickups: Quality? Gauging Part's Quality
  222. Uncoupling HB coils
  223. What do you use for packaging your pickups for retail sale?
  224. Pickups- physics or cooking?
  225. Syscomp Scope and application
  226. Magnet supplier.
  227. Solution for Larry's Double Creme Trademark issue
  228. Source for Nickel covers Overseas
  229. Sozo caps for tone curcuit
  230. Silver Nickel pickup covers... is it so...?
  231. Is it cheaper if I...
  232. A seemingly simple question: what does inductance tell us?
  233. anyone know a good source for 5 string j bass pickup covers?
  234. Etching Logo's on your Baseplates
  235. Gibson T-Top question.
  236. potting tele pickups
  237. Perturbable Fields
  238. Wire Types and Tone
  239. Japanese Epiphone Humbuckers
  240. Anybody got a Jazzmaster lying around?
  241. Setup for recording bass pickups.
  242. Changed polarity (silly newby question)
  243. Will this work as a sidewinder magnet/bobbin/blade?
  244. Influence of magnet material on P-90 Inductance
  245. Suitable low cost gaussmeter?
  246. Multigauge winding
  247. SRV PE WIRE.
  248. Let's talk patents!
  249. Yet another potting question
  250. typical strat winding spec??