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  1. 5_11 schem/layout discrepancy?
  2. 5E3 odd voltages between V1 & V2 and other newbee stuff
  3. un-used ot leads?
  4. negitave feedback loop
  5. 5e5a Kit and speaker
  6. 5F11 Build - Tremolo Depth Issue
  7. Weber 5e3 advice
  8. 5E3 with Reverb Question
  9. Need help with 5e3 volume/tone mod, please.
  10. moving filter caps in a 5F6A to the main board?
  11. Unpleasant distortion on certain notes.
  12. Voltage reading too high
  13. 5e3 Tweed Build tranny questions
  14. octal front end worth it?
  15. 5e9x2 Questions?
  16. Speaker recommendations for a 5C1 build ?
  17. Adding a Negative Feedback loop on a 5C1
  18. 5E3 Controls and Results
  19. split plate resistor
  20. 5C3 output power
  21. Fender Deluxe Models Overview Web Page
  22. 5E7 Clone - Les miserables
  23. 5F6A Bassman voltage check
  24. 5F6A Bassman Modification Webpage
  25. 5F8a octal tube socket hole centers location for blank chassis
  26. Two 5F6A builds well on the way, questions re: PT and Rectifier tube
  27. 5F6A filter cap relocating?
  28. Help debugging a 5F2A build.
  29. tweed deluxe speaker options
  30. Tweed fabric material
  31. Harvard 5F10 voltage check
  32. Harvard 5F10 pre-build questions
  33. Weber 5e3x2 chassis
  34. New 5F1 build: some voltages
  35. 5F1 build and Classictone PT
  36. 5x3 DC voltage on pin 5
  37. Still no break-up. 2x 5F1's.
  38. 5f1 build - retrospective + questions
  39. 6G3 Filtering
  40. Good sources for tweed cabinets these days?
  41. 5F6A Build Has LOUD Hum and NO Amplfication
  42. Upcoming 5E3 Build.
  43. Mystery Cabinet
  44. 5F10 Harvard build
  45. Fender Tweed Pro Owners
  46. My first build has begun. - 5F2a from scratch
  47. Enclosure: 7.38" x 4.70" x 2.05" big enough for 5F2A?
  48. 5F1/5E1 questions... re: grounding
  49. labels fo my aluminum tweed chassis
  50. Using 6v6's in a Proluxe?
  51. Electrohome Mono Hifi into 5F11 Vibrolux
  52. Tweed Champ build - just checking
  53. Power Transformer Question for a Champ build
  54. Some advice on a Champ 5F1 build (from Mojo)
  55. First attempt: 5F2A, Advice appreciated.
  56. 5F1 Low Output
  57. Triode OT
  58. 5f8a build, First post, grounding question.
  59. 5E5-A Clone Build, Oscillation and Other Questions
  60. Speaker for Champ.
  61. Voltage to reverb transformer
  62. Cathode resistors in a 5E3x2
  63. 'Octal Proluxe' with reverb
  64. 5E3x2 with 6L6's?
  65. tweed bandmaster tone
  66. Tweed Champ in EVjr head chassis .. need faceplate
  67. What speaker for a tweed champ build
  68. In praise of bright switches....
  69. 5e3 'normal' channel stopped working.
  70. Vol/Tone in a 5C5?
  71. 5C1 Champ build heater supply problem
  72. Champ Output transformer
  73. Metal corners for a tweed deluxe cab
  74. Troulbleshooting my 5e3: Bias reading 65mA
  75. 5E3 grounding: will this work instead of the brass plate?
  76. Tweed Champ Line Out
  77. Know of Any Examples of a True PTP 5F6-A?
  78. I tried this grounding set up on a 5F1 and it works like a champ!
  79. HELP! - 5E3 Tweed Deluxe making a god awful noise! No clue how to troubleshoot
  80. 5f6a balanced biasing
  81. Trying to get past this grounding thing
  82. 5f6a no sound
  83. transformer orange wire
  84. 5E3 power supply question
  85. 5E3 filament wiring
  86. Speaker suggestion for a Tweed 5G9???
  87. 5f6a grounding
  88. Where to buy brass grounding plates for 5e3?
  89. Video Demo: 5F1 Champ vs 5F2A Princeton
  90. 5E9A Tremolux pots
  91. Source for Vintage Style Chassis
  92. Heyboer 5E3 PT question
  93. Few Pictures of my 5F1 Build
  94. Classic Tone 40-18027 Wiring Question
  95. 5F1 Triode Layout
  96. What project for 5E3 transformers?
  97. Which grill cloth comes close to this?
  98. Would you say this light tweed or dark tweed?
  99. Fender Deluxe 5D3
  100. Help with Heyboer 022772 Power Transformer Hook Up 5F2A Circuit
  101. lowering B+ with Zener diode
  102. 5E3 too clean, no distortion
  103. 5F6A speakers
  104. 5E3 Input Question
  105. Internal Wiring
  106. 5e3?
  107. 5E3 - resistors choice - Kiwame, AB cc, RN65?
  108. 12at7 cascade preamp on a 5E3?
  109. 5E3 Board Wires Under or Over ?
  110. 5f4 really loud?
  111. 5E3 P.T. Classictone 40-18016 or 40- 18021 Not Sure ??
  112. How Much MINWAX POLYSHADE ???
  113. New Tremolux 5G9 build --> input welcome!
  114. Cabinet questions
  115. 5f2 princeton?
  116. 5e3 hum?
  117. Late 50's tweed 2X12?
  118. 5e3 with reverb and trem: possible??? 5e9-aR?
  119. 5f1 low volume?
  120. Thinking about building a 5F1 with 10" Weber Speaker
  121. Brass Plates To use or not to use ??
  122. Should I have more cleans
  123. 5F2A Coupling Cap Values
  124. 5e3 noise?
  125. 5f4 volume?
  126. 5f4 tweed super build?
  127. 5C1 Champ Winter Project
  128. 5F6-A build...
  129. 5E3 clone with too much bass
  130. 5E5 Build - trying to add a cascaded gain channel
  131. 5e3 power tranfo
  132. I want to build a flexible 5E3!
  133. Differences in late 50's PP 6V6 Fenders effect on trem, sag, and distortion quality?
  134. My 5F1 Champ is Sick - Low sound output and glowing 6v6 tube
  135. 5f4 build ?
  136. 5E3 problem - New poster, need help
  137. Bassman 5F6-A cap can/dog house mounting
  138. Tweed deluxe suddenly blowing fuses
  139. Using 6l6's,el34's in a 5e3?
  140. Weber Tranny for 5e3?
  141. 5e3 Tweed Clone
  142. 5e3 build?
  143. 5e3 build?
  144. 5f4 build ?
  145. 5F4 - FAT mod
  146. 5e3 Tweed Deluxe speaker options?
  147. 5B3
  148. 5B2 Princeton with Fixed Bias
  149. Tweaking tubes
  150. How about a 20 Watt speaker in a Tweed Deluxe
  151. 5f1 tweed champ questions.
  152. 5E8-A Resistor lead length question...
  153. Princeton Transformer confusion?
  154. Advice on speaker 30watt versus 50 watt weber blue dog
  155. New to the forum: Ready to build a tweed deluxe from a kit
  156. Output Tranformer Ground Soldered to Frame
  157. Can a reverb unit (vanamps solemate) be hardwired to amp?
  158. How does adding reverb affect amps (tweed bassman) tone?
  159. Is there a way to fit a bassman or at best a 5f4 into a more narrow chassis?
  160. 5E5A Speaker jack output mod
  161. Univox U-75 converted into 5D3 Deluxe
  162. Jensen 10J11?
  163. Squealing 5E3
  164. 5f1 tweed champ odd distortion and sag issue
  165. New JJ 5Y3GT out in the wild...
  166. New Member with completed first build - Weber 5E7M
  167. 5e3 cab speaker clearance
  168. First amp build, Please help?
  169. bad power tube noise in my tweed champ
  170. 5F1 Pre-Build Questions - Grounding layout?
  171. Speaker reccomendation for Tweed Tremolux 5G9 build?
  172. Fender Frontman 25 schematic doubts.
  173. Anyone Build a Tweed Atlas Before?
  174. Princeton 5F2-A….finished at last
  175. Vibrochamp. the tremolo doesn't stop
  176. single channel deluxe build
  177. switching between a 12ax7 and 6sl7 in a 5F2-A
  178. adding vibrato to a 5f2a
  179. Any Interest in Tweed Tremolux Chassis's?
  180. help with these resistors
  181. 5e3 Volume Mod Question
  182. 5f4 build with or without screen resistors
  183. 5e3 circuit boad hookup ?
  184. Input circuit differences 5D4 vs. 5E4A
  185. New 5F4 build-transformers
  186. where can i find this wire?
  187. New member and new tweed Deluxe build.
  188. Quick 5e3 Capacitor Question...
  189. Hello, I'm Back.
  190. Adding a Bias pot to a 5F4 Super
  191. 5f2: rectifiers, tubes, and OT primary impedence
  192. PT wiring help
  193. OT wiring help needed
  194. 5F11 Chassis ?
  195. 5F2A power filter caps?
  196. 5F2A But More Wattage?
  197. Hoffman Style AA764 Layout
  198. High screen grid voltage on 5C1 sort of amp
  199. NFB Resistor and Multitap OT 5F2A?
  200. 5e7 transformer ?
  201. Princeton with a VVR problem….can anyone help please?
  202. Mission Amps 5F4 needs tune up
  203. blank eyelet board material
  204. Do Weber brass ground plates fit Mojo chassis(5F4, 5F6a)
  205. How hot does your tweed run?
  206. newbie needs advice bassman related
  207. Weber Tweed 5E7M Combo Amp Kit
  208. Tweed Princeton Flubbing Out On Last 15% of the Volume Control ?
  209. Greetings, new here
  210. Odd 5f6A voltage question
  211. 5E3 Clone Build Trouble- Hum w/ Standby on
  212. Here is my finished 5E3
  213. Fender 5B3 ?
  214. What's the best way to attach the power transformer to the chassis?
  215. Fender Tweed Tremolux Bias & Tubes
  216. Fender Tremolux Tweed
  217. Tweed Tremolux Voltages Help
  218. Fender Tremolux
  219. Tremolux vs. Vibrolux tremolo?
  220. Champ mod questions
  221. Can't be a new idea
  222. what is the deal with 5E3
  223. Combo Cab Handle
  224. mission 5e3 problems
  225. Two tweed builds and both are a bit too dynamic
  226. Adding 3-Way Switch for Tone Bypass and Bright Bypass
  227. Junked Arkay hifi amp OT for a 5F2A?
  228. Stranded copper wire for filaments?
  229. 5f2-a building. a few more questions
  230. Help finding old post regarding bassman "phasing"
  231. 5E3 with 18watt tremelo
  232. Taming a Bright 5F2A
  233. building a 5f2a. 2 practical questions
  234. 5F4 for harp - ideas?
  235. 5F2A gain questions
  236. Princeton 5F2-A finally up and running – what speaker?
  237. 5F6A cabinet
  238. Output transformer?
  239. 5e3 Debugging...
  240. 5F6A bass & middle pots ?
  241. 5F6A Biasing ?
  242. Plate voltage and other questions on 5E3 ProLuxe type circuit?
  243. voltages for 5f6a?
  244. Carling dpdt switch for 5F6A ?
  245. 5F6A ?
  246. My endless fight with 5E3x2.. (5e5a!?A?)
  247. Input Jack Wiring
  248. 5E3 goes quiet after turning up
  249. Mission 5F4 schematic or layout
  250. 5F6-A - Solid State Rectification?