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  1. korg sdd2000 resets when input volume peaks
  2. NE571 LF response
  3. BOSS SYB-3 Bass Synthesizer No dry signal in Mono out
  4. Boss TU-3
  5. Noise gate
  6. Frontman 15 just buzzes
  7. DMP8 or SOP8
  8. Donner Jet Convolution Flanger
  9. Cool Store-bought Pedals!
  10. What pedal is best for swirly, trippy sort of sounds
  11. MOSFETs for Advanced Power Switching and Polarity Protection article at GeoFex?
  12. Marshall Drivemaster No Serial Sticker?
  13. yankee ps-m2 pedal board supply failure
  14. Mu-tron Flanger
  15. Digitech IPS 33B Trouble shooting and battery replacmemt
  16. Troubleshooting pedal boards
  17. What Is This???
  18. Vox 847 Wah. Adding True Bypass, LED, and DC Jack ?
  19. Question about MXR Stereo Chorus (vintage yellow box) noise/hiss
  20. Free Boss tuner app
  21. Question about Echoplex EP-3 sustain/repeats/motor..
  22. Cutec AD-01 Analog Delay
  23. Civil War pedal and wall warts
  24. Joyo Ultimate Drive Bypass Troubleshooting
  25. guitar pedals
  26. CATALINBREAD DLS MKIII Led Zeppelin settings with a twin reverb
  27. Maestro fuzztain miniature lamps
  28. Rewire Loop Switch
  29. Any Good Limiter Schematics? (no clipping)
  30. Digitech SC-2 Valve Distortion
  31. Dynacord VRS-23 bbd delay - mod for endless repeats
  32. Nux CH1 Vintage Chorus?
  33. Blues Pearl Blue Balls Pedal - Pot Issue
  34. Tremolo effect pedal build
  35. TS-9 Problems
  36. Boss ME 20 loses memory after shutting off
  37. Boss TU-2 won't turn on
  38. Digitech echo plus PDS 8000 delayed delay
  39. Carrotron C-821 Preamp Pedal Schematic or any information?
  40. Pot for Arion SCH-1?
  41. Dynacord E51 Tape Echo
  42. Mutron Flanger - Weak Effect
  43. Higher current voltage doubler
  44. Boss MZ-2 Digital metalizer broken need help troubleshooting
  45. FX Switcher Problem
  46. Knob covers for Dunlop Octave Wah
  47. Maxon AD900 no effect
  48. Tube screamer TS808 failing
  49. Boss limiter LM2 no level control
  50. Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus DC-1
  51. Roctron Silver Dragon Stopped Working ?
  52. Digitech RP 1000 burned
  53. Transistor substitution
  54. EP3 Echoplex Resistor Burning
  55. Line6 Tonecore Dock Clipping Problem
  56. Devi Ever Silver Rose V1 repair
  57. Mesa Boogie Throttle Box.. is mine defective?
  58. Vintage EHX Polychorus flange/filter matrix settings distorting
  59. DIY digital noise blocker
  60. Bright LED replacement suggestion?
  61. Bell BF-20 stereo flanger setup
  62. Screaming Leads, harmonics etc... Problem
  63. vintage EHX Electric Mistress very strange issue
  64. inverter killed my looper pedal
  65. ECHOCORD urgent search for a Papst electric 2 speed motor
  66. Potentiometers always have static scratching noise
  67. Building Catalinbread teaser stallion
  68. ISP THETA PreAmp Pedal questions ***
  69. wah sounds better without resistor
  70. Modifying an AB Y with the AMZ DPDT relay kit
  71. wah pedal switch mod help
  72. Blown Boss DD3 - help!
  73. Scrapbox standalone low-voltage reverb
  74. Tube Rack mounted equivalent to a Kemper profiler or Axe FX
  75. Line 6 MM4
  76. Aphex 109 para metric EQ repair, part information
  77. RJWsoft Schematic editor
  78. Debugging a Line6 DL4. Help needed!
  79. Momentary switches question
  80. Ibanez UE 300
  81. Mark Hammer BBD article in Premier Guitar
  82. building a zvex SHO clone, is there anything I should know about the mosfet?
  83. Best op amp
  84. 2N7000 mosfet in wah?
  85. Crybaby stiff switches?
  86. Boss CE-2 Clones - impedance mod for keyboards
  87. Looking for the pot pcb (or pics/layout) from a Rotovibe
  88. Back After A Long Hibernation
  89. Power Supply Question
  90. Pedal repairs
  91. envelope follower IC chip
  92. M-Audio Fast track Pro wont power up
  93. Voodoo labs pedal power 2?
  94. Cool pedals!
  95. My Fuzz Box Schematic
  96. Mod for Jetter Gain Stage Red, Red Shift & Red Square pedals
  97. Ibanez DM2000 Digital Delay Problem
  98. Digitech Controller One issues
  99. Interesting thread with replies from Jeorge Tripps...
  100. "Seim Danc" Twin Tube Mayhem SFX- 04
  101. Everything you ever wanted to know about Big Muffs (and their clones!)
  102. Mod for Way Huge Swollen Pickle Mk II
  103. Weekend build ..need some advise
  104. What diodes to stock for FX pedals?
  105. Adding a tone control to Red Llama clone
  106. Noisy Ol' Wah!
  107. Mosfet 2n7000 (as in OCD)
  108. controlling zoom 9030 thru fc-100 mkII footcontroller
  109. Pedalboard whistle/whine drops when passive volume pedal removed
  110. Boss DD-3 version B repair help me please.
  111. Big Muff Pi help, no effect
  112. Line 6 Helix vs HD500// and thoughts on Helix
  113. Pro Co FATRAT
  114. Boss GT8 error
  115. Pro Co RAT
  116. RAT tonepad board Q.
  117. Question about Jetter Red Shift
  118. Boss GT6 users.
  119. Space Echo lots of noise in signal
  120. Cry Baby GCB-95 modification
  121. Mosfeet based overdrive- Zendrive?
  122. Carbon Copy MXR, bright mod
  123. Build spring reverb?
  124. Mod for Way Huge Pork Loin pedal (cuts bass)
  125. Digitech Whammy 4 problem
  126. Echoplex ep-3 problem!
  127. Question about pre-clip bass control on FX pedal
  128. Delete
  129. Catalinbread SFT - Pedal Demo
  130. Delay function
  131. hum noise with rangemaster clone into a crybaby wah
  132. Using one buffered pedal to drive multiple amps....
  133. MXR Carbon Copy: no signal in wet mode
  134. DigiTech Studio Quad 4 - Need Help
  135. Sansamp classic
  136. Help with Mod to Sync Two NU-X Time Force Pedals
  137. MXR-Distortion Plus
  138. Diamond Pedals Memory Lane distored signal
  139. Holy grail reverb mod
  140. Dean Markley Overlord not working
  141. Dean markley overlord not switching
  142. Can anyone help me decipher this?
  143. Grief trying to fix a vintage Blubber Maxon Wah
  144. overdrive chain
  145. One end floating ground on cord between effects pedals
  146. DUNLOP Jimi Hendrix Octavio Fuzz Demo
  147. Vero stripboards for FX pedal projects
  148. MIA Fuzz Face
  149. BlueTube clean up
  150. Is this Vertex pedal mod BS?
  151. Modify Pedal with optocoupler to Linear potmeter
  152. Ibanez Distortion Charger DS10 need part
  153. [SCHEMATIC REQUEST] MXR M-129 Pitch Transposer rack unit
  154. DUNLOP Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face (Video Demo)
  155. My RAT's gone queer.
  156. BOSS Blues Driver-2 Demo - Classic Overdrive
  157. Looking To Upgrade My DigiTech GNX2 With Line6 PODXT Live - Opinions?
  158. dead line6 tonecore base
  159. DIY Fuzz pedal
  160. Boss RC-20XL - Guide Tone makes buzz sound (Fuzz Distortion)
  161. Looking into doing a Fuzz pedal and never dabbled before what transistors to use?
  162. marshall mg100dhfx
  163. Line 6 DL4 Mod gone wrong?
  164. CC Vibe LED brightness
  165. Maxon Ibanez CS 505 Chorus Stereo - Distortion on wet channel - HELP
  166. Boss CE-2
  167. Little FEANC, Any Info?
  168. Remote Switching Pedalboard
  169. Dead Big Muff Pi v9 (NYC)
  170. Emerson EM Drive -- fyi
  171. Soft vs hard clipping - I feel such a fool
  172. Echoplex EP3 - Runaway with no input
  173. Tonepad MXR Pahse 90. Not much mojo.
  174. Line 6 DL4 flashing preset LEDs
  175. Rechargeable battery pack idea for FX pedals
  176. Odd M5 hum problem
  177. How to measure the freq. range of low cut and high cut fillters of an effect pedal?
  178. BYOC Optical Compressor- issue?
  179. Mutron Biphase
  180. Circuit question for pedalboard. See pic!
  181. Pedalboard Ground Loops
  182. AC power quality and digital pedals
  183. boss dd-3c hicut or tape echo mod
  184. Is this effect, or amp-?
  185. DigiTech GSP 5 repair: generates tone / noise
  186. Villex Passive "Booster"
  187. ds1 more volume mod
  188. Digitech rotary encoder
  189. Line 6 DL-4 - No sound when effect is engaged (bypass works)
  190. Echoplex EP3 echo problem
  191. Fender '63 RI reverb unit as a send/return effect?
  192. Fuzz Face - output won't go past 700mVpp??
  193. DOD 680 analog delay
  194. Echplex EP3 Handle
  195. Echoplex EP-3 Please Help
  196. Script logo Phase 90 not phasing very well
  197. Tubeworks Tube Driver sounds like ripped speaker
  198. WMD Geiger Counter hash
  199. Klemt echolette S hum issue
  200. Best way to custom 'balance' levels in an effects chain
  201. Klemt Echolette S... (cont.2)
  202. FX86 DOD Death Metal - Any other pedals as awesome?
  203. Electro Harmonix POG bypass problem
  204. Boss CE-3 LED wierdness
  205. Klemt Echolette S...(cont.)
  206. Anyone using a looper miking a cabinet?
  207. Help with true bypass Crybaby
  208. Rangemaster clone: Too much compression
  209. moog moogerfooger mf-102 pedal bypass problem
  210. Rocktron Silver Dragon- tried mods and Q.
  211. Morley PDW
  212. Line6 DL4 power supply repair
  213. Tascam CD-GT1
  214. the right GLUE to fix broken plastic input jack, pc mount?
  215. Changing the pot in a new Electroharmoix LPB-1?
  216. running stereo effects in parallel
  217. Arduino Based midi foot controller
  218. Garnet 15R Tube Spring Reverb Unit
  219. Rocktron Big Crush true bypass modification.
  220. power supply buzz/hum
  221. Millennium bypass...as good as true BP?
  222. MIDI control setup for a beginner
  223. Questions on JFET
  224. Jerry Garcia Tigetr Guitar Pre-Amp
  225. Musicians Turntable?
  226. My first translation from schematic to DIYLC (diy layout creator) on stripboard
  227. Fuzz - my first stopmbox
  228. The best regulated 9v adaptor
  229. Crybaby modded - vol boost
  230. EP-1 Echoplex troubleshooting
  231. Danelctro pedal repairs
  232. ME-70 doesnt let me use certain effects
  233. MX-201 feedback issue
  234. MXR EVH Phase 90 - easily overdriven
  235. Danelectro Dan Echo Jack upgrade
  236. glitching rotary encoders
  237. NPN's Best Clipper?
  238. Has anyone seen inside the new Boss Waza Craft DM-2w???
  239. 1961 Supro 600 TUBE REVERBERATION UNIT
  240. AKAI Headrush 2 Schematic Needed
  241. Way Huge Pork Loin switching issue
  242. Mod a Philosopher's Tone?
  243. Eventide Instant Flanger
  244. KOKR ToneWorks AX1000G
  245. Digitech XP400 (Jetpack) fault
  246. Yamaha DG Stomp won't power up
  247. Need help tuning bass response in Guyatone TO-2 please! (theory inquiries as well)
  248. Eh mxr-m80 weakness
  249. KMD Analog Delay Question/Tone control
  250. Nady TD-1 High Gain Setting Issue