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  1. JJ Tubes 12AX7/ECC83S Hum Problems Anyone?
  2. Off kilter 6v6.. any prob?
  3. Help identifying Hughes & Kettner CM3 Vacuum tube
  4. How tall are kt66 tubes in real life?
  5. Check this out
  6. Are new production EL34's just this bad or is there a problem in my amp I don't see?
  7. So I need some help for a new prototype.....
  8. Probably a really simple bias question
  9. Is JAN Sylvania 6L6WGB under rated the same as JAN Philips 6L6WGB?
  10. Fender pro junior bad transformer and red plating v3 tube
  11. Idea: singleton power tube trading forum?
  12. Aaron C
  13. Data sheet confusion for 12BY7-A
  14. sound city 120 - I may have 'highlighted' a fault !!!
  15. high screen voltage
  16. Preamp tubes with different triodes
  17. Help me Identify these Tubes!
  18. 6F12P
  19. Suggestions for 30-40v power supply for micro tubes.
  20. Laney IronHeart
  21. Matching tubes at home Q?
  22. Guild thunder 1 help
  23. Dropping B+ substantially
  24. tube /valve Biasing
  25. 6CA7 Current Draw Increases
  26. Viking tube radio to guitar amp
  27. JJ 6v6s spare pins.
  28. high gain amp attenuating
  29. Will this output transformer work?
  30. Homemade Tube Tester
  31. Eico HF-20 50's 6L6 UL HIFI amp, convert for guitar or just try to sell it?
  32. 6v6 Grid Bias Circuit.
  33. Bias test points.
  34. Antique Sound Lab 6L6 Tube Up For Adoption
  35. Fender Twin Reverb 65 Reissue 6L6 Tube Replacement
  36. Any new EL84's lately with better reject rates?
  37. Tung-Sol 5881 - Hard, Medium, Soft?
  38. Can someone look over my biasing data to see if I've got it right.
  39. Help with tube data sheet, ecll800
  40. Help with tube data sheet, ecll800
  41. resistors as inrush limiters before full-wave diodes?
  42. Calibrating Tube Testers
  43. 6L6 Build Suggestions
  44. 5R4GY longevity in tube amps
  45. 5U4GB tube rectifier flash
  46. 6j6 & similar...
  47. Re-bonding tube bases
  48. replacing 6w8's with separate pre and output tubes
  49. Replacing 6L6 with 6V6?
  50. One of these things is not like the others...
  51. Russian made Groove Tubes?
  52. Awesome tube tester/curve tracer
  53. Tone stack Mod for Bogen H30
  54. help identifying this tube
  55. 6L6--- which brand best keeps the fenders sound
  56. More Bass/Less Mid mod for a Sovtek Mig 50h
  57. EL84 tubes
  58. Source for 9-pin (preamp) tube bases???
  59. Just used a 16 years old new tubes.
  60. Shuguang 6L6WGC - any info
  61. hardware for blackface fender fix
  62. Model t tubes
  63. Anybody looked at tube perveance values?
  64. Tube Storage
  65. When did the American Tung Sol factory cease production?
  66. New production 12AX7
  67. CE Distribution - policy change coming for defective tubes
  68. Sinorussotubeaphobia
  69. Triplett 3444 testing of a 12AX7
  70. Variations in Filament intensity
  71. Used power tubes
  72. New production Mullard El34's
  73. Origin of the 6L6GC?
  74. Sovtek 6CA7 fat bottle 90s era
  75. ID tubes from 1968 Traynor YVM-1
  76. Thoughts on Tung Sol reissue 12AX7 and reliability?
  77. Plate voltage of NOS RCA and NOS Tung Sol??
  78. Old Sovtek EL34G, similar tube?
  79. Current production Sovtek EL84M
  80. 12AX7 tube for overdriven analog organ
  81. ECC83 clipping
  82. Can KT88's be used in my amp?
  83. JJ 6L6GCs... WTF?
  84. Please suggest KT88 tubes
  85. wurlitzer branded general electric grey plate 12ax7
  86. Power Tube Swap Extravaganza!
  87. need a source for 6KG6A/ EL509 tubes
  88. how long do these last?
  89. What is this tube ID?
  90. Avo valve tester questions.
  91. winged C vs Svetlana el34s?
  92. Mercury Rectifier Tubes
  93. boutique/back yard tube maker in Japan [Youtube]
  94. cathode by-pass in push pull six tube hifi amp
  95. Nuvistors - what do you think?
  96. Bias question - 6L6
  97. Adhesive for Repairing 6V6GT Base?
  98. 5763 Tetrode - what do you think?
  99. NOS Metal Can 6V6 Tube Quesiton
  100. Franks Electron Tube Data Sheets site down?
  101. Tube amps
  102. rf/audio screen voltage ratings
  103. Help with value vintage Line Transformer Altec 2282
  104. Suggest preamp tube (12AX7)
  105. Anyone used Sovtek 12ax7wa - Had one crack
  106. ID this Tube?
  107. what power amp is this and who made it ????need schmatic
  108. Recommendations for EL34 for 520V on the plate
  109. Anyone else having issues with Winged C EL34's?
  110. JJ 5Y3?
  111. Retrovalves
  112. Question For Other NOS Tube Junkies
  113. mismatched 6v6 pairs; cathode bias
  114. Article - Return of the Vacuum Tube
  115. Tube-Based Boiler Controller / Thermostat?
  116. Any experience with this tube vendor?
  117. Blackface Deluxe Reverb No bias current reading
  118. Fender Bassman 10 Bias adjust conversion
  119. Proper Tube Removal Process?
  120. dead output transformer
  121. Shuguang data sheets
  122. Ordered JJ's for my Bugera 333XL
  123. The Tube Shop - anyone shopped there?
  124. Which 12AX7 for my 18 watt plexi build ?
  125. 12AH7A info
  126. Changing tubes in a Crate vc5310
  127. Winged C 6L6GC + TubeDepot
  128. WANTED: 2 6N6 "metal can" vacuum tubes
  129. 50Watt Vintage tube PA Tubes?
  130. Northern Electric Tubes
  131. Fooprints (symbols) for tubes for Orcad PCB designer
  132. Sovtek 12AX7s
  133. Octal tubes and microphonics?
  134. Tube amplifier for headphones
  135. Any Opinions on Octal Preamp Tubes?
  136. Cryo treatment of metal things with music coming out of them
  137. JJ EL84 failure
  138. Anybody Know About Ballast Tubes?
  139. 21.5 watts from a Pair of EL84's?
  140. Strange 5AR4 "Problem"
  141. Is cathode bias the same thing as "self" bias?
  142. Rectifier tube question
  143. Who made the Groove Tube KT-66HP?
  144. Bugera 333XL 212 Combo Tube Questions
  145. Senior TC130 tube tester chart
  146. Difference between 5AR$ and 5Y3 as Tweed Deluxe rectifier
  147. What to do with one of a pair of matched tubes
  148. Most reliable current production 5AR4/GZ34?
  149. Please recommend me tubes for my Bassman
  150. Peavey classic 30
  151. EF86 too weak. is it true what they say?
  152. JJ 6L6GC
  153. Will changing from a 5U4GB to ? lower my DC voltages?
  154. New 6Sl7
  155. Best New Issue EL34
  156. Upgrading Epiphone Valve Junior to a 7591 SE design?
  157. 6Y6s.....any good for audio?
  158. My Handsome Devil head
  159. 6AR6WA v. 6L6GC?
  160. EF86-type Sonic Differences.....
  161. New Issue 6L6
  162. 12AX7 HUM
  163. 6U8/ECF82 shielding question
  164. 7581a in Fender amps?
  165. 12AY7 as a DC-coupled cathode follower
  166. Vox AC 100 Mk2
  167. Tung-Sol 6L6STR fragile bottle top
  168. ECF80 or ECF82 for AF?
  169. SED Winged C Prices Way Up
  170. Tube Lineage?
  171. 12ax7LP substitute
  172. Chinese tubes
  173. KT66 Pin 1 variations - which one is accurate?
  174. Tung-Sol RI 6V6 - opinions/experience?
  175. Presently manufactured power tubes
  176. Very elementary question/Sovtek etc.
  177. 807s?
  178. Miniwatt, yes or no?
  179. RCA - customers advice wanted
  180. Chinese and Russian tubes
  181. SS Tube replacements...
  182. Telefunken in Fender amps?
  183. 7868-EH tubes any good? (New Electro Harmonix)
  184. What are the best 6550/KT88 tubes for 2011?
  185. Gold Lions (English)____Anyone familiar?
  186. Bench-testing vintage power tubes?
  187. 6v6 and 6v6GT
  188. cleaning old dirty tubes?
  189. Tube labeling: Paint? Etched?
  190. help plz: identifying old tubes
  191. Baldwin 12AX7 Made in USA AMY 31 13 29
  192. tube test just for 12Ax7?
  193. Sovtek 5Y3GT--good tube?
  194. Are you kidding me!? Really!?
  195. 6SQ7 vs. 6SF5
  196. Anybody have a legible TC-142 schematic?
  197. Woolly guitar sound
  198. 12AX7 Mullard/Philips/Amperex NOS
  199. New JJ 5U4GB whines on warm up.
  200. 7591 vs 6V6
  201. Help me identify some 12ax7 tubes, please?
  202. What does it take to break a tube pin?
  203. EZ81, 6CA4, EL84 Question.
  204. Russian 6P3S
  205. 7868 tube
  206. Screens Still weak in EH6V6?
  207. ken-rad 6l6g and 6v6gc from 1948?
  208. Groove Tubes Marshall distortion Confusion!! lol.
  209. New 12AY7 vs 5751, can't hear the difference...!
  210. B&K 707 Tube Tester - Problem with emmissions test
  211. 6550,6L6,12AX7 and distortion question
  212. Tube question
  213. Any reason I shouldn't...
  214. Teonex
  215. Eurotubes=Bad News
  216. Svetlana factory seconds
  217. Free tube datasheets
  218. RCA 6L6's ?
  219. "Soot" Inside EL84/6BQ5
  220. JCM800 Preamp Clone - Wierd Distortion (oscilloscope pic)
  221. "Shield" brand 6BQ5 Torched Screen Resistors
  222. Preamp tubes
  223. Jan Philips 6L6WGB
  224. Mesa Boogie tubes
  225. R.I.P. CV4004.....Any tube sob stories?
  226. 5Y3 EZ81?
  227. Tube Slag
  228. my NOS 5y3 is not working. bad tube?
  229. Old Hammond Tubes??
  230. Cabs suited for Vox AC50
  231. legacy vl100
  232. I need Help with this tube "8CW5/XL86
  233. Amp should be 100 watts but low on power, why?
  234. 6sl7/12sl7 experimentation ?s'
  235. Question about Tube Output Power
  236. I have some general Q's about tubes!
  237. Question about tube glow.
  238. Hiwatt hi-gain 50 head biasing review
  239. Do different make 12AX7 tubes sound different? and why?
  240. 12at7 labeled as 12ax7
  241. Good Sounding Tubes
  242. New Tubes and disaster
  243. ECC 807 Brimar
  244. In at the deep end....
  245. Hiwatt hi-gain 50 head
  246. 6Y6GT in a Champ ?
  247. Bias probe
  248. No Sound on Fender Twin Pro All tube
  249. hammond tubes question
  250. Crate blue voodoo 60 watt 2-12 combo problems need advise