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  1. Jfet matching
  2. PT and tube limitations
  3. Capacitor ESR, how much is too much?
  4. Moving Master Volume In A Ceriatone Chupacabra For Effects Loop Installation
  5. Issue with a Clone Hybrid Hiwatt/Ampeg
  6. cathode bypass and grid stoppers/ when where and why
  7. what does this input resistor do?
  8. Matching EL34s in triode vs pentode modes
  9. What are the threads in with the center conductor of some audio cabling?
  10. Relay issue
  11. Input Capacitor??
  12. Interstage transformer
  13. Choosig resistors thoughts anyone
  14. Where does the gain stage end??
  15. Phase at frequency w/speaker emulator circuit (Juan?)
  16. My tube amps sound better the longer they're on..
  17. OT placement too
  18. Mesa Dual Rectifier PSU Film cap
  19. EL84 PP Class B power stage
  20. JJ 6V6s spice model
  21. DIY attenuator
  22. How to calculate primary impedance of output transistor for class AB push pull stage?
  23. OT arrangement on chassis
  24. How does this Marshall Hi/Lo power switch work?
  25. Fender Champ Power Output Rating
  26. Adding a presence control to a Deluxe AB763 type circuit that didn't have one
  27. Mojotone 5f6a discrepancies......
  28. ripple question
  29. blackface PI cap question
  30. Need help with a technical question, please
  31. New Build PT help
  32. switches and voltage ratings
  33. Understanding Frequency Response Specs
  34. speaker recomandation
  35. Relay supply
  36. Need a maths refresher for RLC circuit scaling (reactive load stuff)
  37. Why not replace the "death" capacitor with a "Y" Safety capacitor?
  38. Leaky coupling caps, local feedback in preamp
  39. What is Zinky Thinking?
  40. Hammond's Vibro-King PT has an Odd current rating
  41. Naylor Super Drive 60 amp
  42. Comparing the Nonlinearity of a Triode and a Bipolar Junction Transistor
  43. Comparing the Nonlinearity of a Triode and a Junction FET
  44. tone stack placement
  45. ripple rejection
  46. Simple PT rating question
  47. OT impedance and break up relationship
  48. Output transformer rating
  49. 6G2 Princeton Tremolo?
  50. ampeg b15 inverter
  51. b15
  52. Shared cathode bypass
  53. understanding fet noise curves
  54. Trace Elliot GP7 AH150 Power Amp Question
  55. OT question
  56. Run a 6ca4 rectifier on a 5v/2a wind?
  57. Difference between 2 x EL84 and 4 x EL84 board architecture?
  58. errors in The Ultimate Tone by K. O'Connor
  59. speaker break in transformer question
  60. Screen Bypass Caps
  61. Kt88 triode strapped
  62. Coupling cap values
  63. sidebands
  64. Why All of the Aggressive Bandpass Filtration in New Amps?
  65. Questions about PT loading on a Conn Repurposed PT
  66. Marshall PI Bias Feed Resistors
  67. Conductive fiber board, does location matter?
  68. material inside tranny bell covers?
  69. How old is too old?
  70. Choosing cathode bypass values
  71. 1 ohm cathode resistors
  72. Gain stage triode questions
  73. yet another reactive dummy load thread
  74. hunting for a 5e3 in a DR
  75. Well, maybe tit is a good to look at the properties of this signal...
  76. Well, maybe tit is a good to look at the properties of this signal...
  77. Specifying Transformer For Half-Wave Rectification
  78. electrolytic caps testing
  79. V1 Input: Grid Leak and Grid Stopper
  80. HT winding center tap question.
  81. Hotrod deluxe PT
  82. Marshall 1959 SL100 (4 x EL34) Grid leak resistor size
  83. Widowmaker Amps & Isolation Transformers
  84. Fixed to Cathode Bias On The Fly
  85. Sticking a BF Princeton and a 5E3 in a Champ Chassis. Sort of.
  86. Getting double the power out of your power transformer
  87. Adding a mid control to the Boss FA-1 Preamp schematic...
  88. Simulated Log/Audio potentiometers: a bad idea
  89. Help Me Understand the LM386 Chip Amp
  90. What's This Cap For?
  91. Hoping to get some advice/proofing on output stage design and layout.
  92. Cathode input gain stage?
  93. 5V to 200V DC to DC converter
  94. MOSFET Attenuator?
  95. Plotting Push Pull Comosite Plate Curves
  96. 6L6 pp triode mode
  97. 5E3 Deluxe Point-to-Point Layout
  98. 6V6 Push Pull, Cathodyne Phase Inverter, 1/2 12ax7 Temolo - bias/voltage swing?
  99. Tube breadboard sockets
  100. 1 Watt Single-Ended Output Stage
  101. Single Ended EL84 tube amp plate voltage thoughts...
  102. Output Z
  103. 8 ohm speaker in 4 ohm SS amp?
  104. Floating ground dual class amplification A + B/C/D/etc...
  105. Noise-free decoupled power supply
  106. Old presence circuits vs new standards vs alternatives
  107. function/purpose of capacitor from anode to cathode
  108. OC3 Tube Voltage RegulatorTo Drop Voltage To EL37 Screen Grids
  109. Explain how this dual foot switch circuit works please
  110. Filmosound guitar amp conversion
  111. Marshall 'presence' control, why not on similar era Fenders?
  112. 6l6 to el34 tube swap?
  113. Beseler 45-S
  114. watt to volt conversion question
  115. Buck/boost? Yes or No?
  116. Jfet biasing - hiss
  117. Solid state current limiters instead of screen resistors
  118. Concerned about some readings I took on my transformer.
  119. Using foreign 100v mains transformers for builds in the USA?
  120. Using series resistors in the secondary to affect Power Supply Dynamics
  121. Recommend book on IC
  122. limiter design
  123. One single triode as a PI for rack/stomp tube preamps
  124. Vox AC50CPH Presence Control?
  125. Phase Inverters with CCS
  126. AB763 Single Channel Question
  127. Optimizing input stage for low noise
  128. WHy this PI design?
  129. Which power transformer ?
  130. Zener diode
  131. Please Check My Filter Theory
  132. GZ34 vs 2 x triple solid state diodes (fender amps)
  133. Help needed determining which reverb tank for an amp.
  134. driver biasing question
  135. Mixed auto/fixed bias in amp
  136. Phase angle switch for limiting inrush current?
  137. Fender Deluxe AB763 design flaw? Or better tubes available back then?
  138. 12ax7 gain
  139. Using 6V6's in a 6L6 circuit
  140. mosfet follies - cathode follower
  141. startup glowing
  142. Help with Paraphase + Tremolo
  143. The Vibro-Wreck
  144. frequency step network
  146. Heat Sink Design
  147. Drop in digital reverb for a Silvertone 1484
  148. Split 2 signals, micing a head or combo to PA but have it direct to InEars.
  149. OD stage development
  150. Short-term Cap Overvoltage?
  151. SE El84 amp how to get the 'right kind' of distortion and a good clean tone ?
  152. Fender Blackface/Silverface Tube Amps' Volume Drop-Off at ~3--Why?
  153. Remote A/B switch
  154. Ec Tremolux design musings
  155. Preamp output impedance question
  156. Running a Twin Reverb on two output tubes
  157. TL072 spring reverb in a Fender amp
  158. Class AB amp Question - one tube loses input signal, other tube overheats??
  159. Identify Flea Market Amp
  160. Bipolar power supply question
  161. Power transformer grounding
  162. ZVS boost converter for tube PSU?
  163. Modular tube preamp idea, crazy?
  164. Design considerations for Vox choke choice
  165. 30+ watt amp the size of a pedal!
  166. 5F11 current question
  167. AB763 channels out of phase?
  168. CR Filter Theory Question
  169. How the TMB Tone Stack Works Webpage
  170. Aiken's back biasing circuit....has anyone tried it?
  171. 120VAC Ground
  172. Switch on coupling cap?
  173. Dumb negative feedback questions
  174. modified tube reverb unit idea. doable?
  175. Separate bias voltage
  176. Power supply design sanity check please...
  177. Learning a thing or two! WARNING! Forecast: WINDY
  178. Switching a preamp tube
  179. Phase Inverter Clipping
  180. Connection from input jack to V1
  181. High Gain - Cold Bias
  182. Quick Power Transformer Mounting Question
  183. Sans Choke Smoothing
  184. Drive voltage vs. bias voltage
  185. They're back
  186. Amp into open load at idle?
  187. Hiwatts..
  188. What's happens to the PT when I turn my amp up?
  189. EF86 vs ECC83
  190. Tek 575 curve tracer, should I grab it?
  191. PreAmp volume location
  192. What Hammond chassis for Marshall build ?
  193. On-Board Reverb in Parallel
  194. Fuse and Protection
  195. CF
  196. Analog Circuit Design - vol 1-3 by Jim Williams
  197. On a SF Fender Champ build I posted before. Question about math.
  198. Low power inline attenuator
  199. I'm confused about one thing on my SF Champ build.Hope some can shead some light.
  200. A fuse question
  201. I think I need to go back...
  202. Power supply filtering for ripple attenuation but also as HPF
  203. SS recipe for tube sound
  205. tube specs
  206. heater ct
  207. Preamp designs using a pentode stage
  208. Questions revolving one tube reverb circuit
  209. series heaters
  210. blackface deluxe reverb w/ paraphase inverter?
  211. About silicon wire
  212. Bridged-T vs Inductor in NFB loop?
  213. Experimenting around with a tweed era circuit
  214. Cathodyne PI: AC coupled vs DC coupled
  215. several tranny questions
  216. treble bleed with resistor
  217. Power tube loses bias at full output.
  218. Is this correct...
  219. MOV, Gas Discharge tube, or TVS Diode protection for output transformer??
  220. 18 watt B resistors
  221. Which bias? Chuck?
  222. external caps close to the power tubes. what's the optimum for the dry up effect?
  223. 18 watt EL84 to 6V6 help
  224. What effect does current have on the input of the amp?
  225. By popular demand, and because....
  226. split load vs this idea
  227. Bias cap value?
  228. Traditional Grounded Plate/Grounded Grid stage and Sulzer's "Cath-code" input stage
  229. Shoot me. Please
  230. effects loop issue
  231. Kustom K200B-4 amp head
  232. No Grid Leak on Input Stage??
  233. 40uf vs 50uf filer caps?
  234. If i parallel a 82k resistor with a 25k linear pot....
  235. el34 screen resistors wattage. why so big?
  236. Why does this amp sound so good?
  237. JJ 6V6 bias ?
  238. Type of aluminium for amp chassis?
  239. Twin reverb Send/Return controls
  240. Princeton Reverb build with no tremolo question
  241. Biased diode clipping Q
  242. DMM input impedance
  243. Risk of galvanic corrosion of dissimilar metals in bonding the chassis to Earth?
  244. Power relay from rectifier winding?
  245. Increase filters on Rectifier tubes?
  246. SE bias too hot?
  247. WTH? NOS CC Resistors don't measure anywhere close to stated values!?!
  248. Toasty PT Opiinons?
  249. Adding NFB control to AB763 Deluxe Reverb build
  250. measuring tweeter impedance