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  1. Only Thirty-Five Amps?
  2. President Terry McAuliffe 2020?
  3. No wonder the military cost so much
  4. Not politics, but soap box nonetheless: what is up with shipping these days?
  5. President Oprah!
  6. Contemporary Music, Auto Tune, Lost Originality.
  7. The Trump Administration
  8. Unexpected Hospital quality in China
  9. Current flooding
  10. Another Reason Not to Fly With Your Guitar
  11. Ouch!! Hobby Electronics slowly going down the drain
  12. Why is music gear not selling these days?
  13. How do I add an Avatar to my profile
  14. The Super Secret private Forum ????
  15. Current Weather
  16. Louie Gohmert
  17. Anybody here in Scotland?
  18. Climate Change (Global Warming)
  19. Think your medical bills are high?
  20. Political discussions at T-Day dinner..
  21. Gun Law in Russia:unexpected freedom
  22. President Johnson (not LBJ)
  23. Zappa vs Zappa
  24. Taxes suck!
  25. Campaign dirt
  26. Hot News Stories
  27. Hidden GOP strategy?
  28. EPA Seeks to Prohibit Conversion of Vehicles into Racecars
  29. President Grandpa
  30. Members of congress who are in The Ayn Rand Society
  31. WOTUS
  32. Commentary: Smart guns- A discussion that is worth having (by Rep. Mark DeSaulnier)
  33. Shut Gunatanamo Down!
  34. Flint Michigan!
  35. North Korean Mad Man!
  36. News articles posted in text and PDF format...
  37. A Treatise on the Second Amendment by Steve Ahola (01/11/2016)
  38. Big Pharma, Big Killer
  39. A Crisis Worse Than Islamic State? Bank ‘Bail-Ins’ Begin by Ellen Brown / Web of Debt
  40. How Rubio helped his ex-con brother-in-law acquire a real estate license [Wash Post]
  41. The night the hospital in Kunduz became a U.S. military target [LA Times]
  42. Robert Reich's blog
  43. "A Grim Bargain" by Chico Harlan (Washington Post) 21,000+ characters
  44. Red State, Blue City: How the Urban-Rural Divide Is Splitting America by JOSH KRON
  45. ISIS
  46. Gimmick or Legit Product?
  47. President Trump
  48. No secret hearings in police slayings / New California law to bar grand juries in suc
  49. My public apology to Mojotone
  50. Boss Germany , creative graphic artists ?
  51. The Interview
  52. My thoughts on Ferguson and NYC grand jury decisions
  53. Kudos to the Prez
  54. The election results are in...
  55. Newish Fadades!
  56. About Last Night
  57. Ethics?
  58. Australia axes Carbon Tax
  59. Any personal experiences with ACA yet?
  60. Enforce all the laws...
  61. Legal alternatives to the state ACA exchanges which can start in 2017
  62. Economic Recovery has Begun
  63. My post quote...
  64. Anyone get a ACA quote for coverage?
  65. Will MacAvoy's speech on being a Republican (The Newsroom s02e09)
  66. Legalizing Marijuana?
  67. Sniff... sniff... hey! Do you smell weapons of mass destruction too?
  68. What is hate speech?
  69. Q. How Much Voter Fraud Is There?
  70. Dumb question about the search feature
  71. A strategy for the Dems in 2014 to return the House to the people!
  72. An Obamacare calculator for California residents
  73. Wisdom regarding privacy and surveillance
  74. TED Talks
  75. I wondered when the media's favorite Amendment would get chewed on...
  76. Media bias - nothing has changed
  77. Not more government, not less, just simpler
  78. Rock Legends Cruise 2013
  79. New drill/driver and batteries...
  80. The people who voted for Obama - a breakdown
  81. A post from a friend on Facebook on the election
  82. What is Obama's plan?
  83. Praise the lord, the election is over
  84. My take on the Middle East mess...
  85. A story with political overtones
  86. Preacher Beat to death by Electric Guitar
  87. What could possibly go wrong?
  88. My Obamacare experience so far............................
  89. Obama's 2nd term, EPA, & government hyper regulation, the end of tube amps?
  90. Wot's wrong with this picture
  91. IRAN-Where Will It End?
  92. Is it OK for Members to SPAM?
  93. Happy Thanksgiving
  94. OK so there is just one thing police shouldn't do against OWS
  95. Penn State Scandal
  96. Christmas 2011 -- Birth of a New Tradition ?
  97. Henry Juszkiewicz and Gibson's wood issues at BBC news
  98. for our non US friends... perception of OWS
  99. Thank you Anthony Weiner!!
  100. American ignorance of the world
  101. Chilling public health story
  102. Wal-mart, free markets, and the middle class
  104. Presidential vacations
  105. Wisconsin vote and mainstream media
  106. London Riots
  107. Silver plated wire vs non plated
  108. Canada, and US on the same page?
  109. YEAH!!! Got the bastard!
  110. Main Stream Media , FOX and talk radio
  111. Sorry, we're closed.
  112. Truly weird reading
  113. Black Eyed Peas?
  114. Printer Rant
  115. The Soap Box is strangely quiet!
  116. Do people *know* from actual experience, or do they just have opinions?
  117. What a bunch of left wing loons and free speach violaters
  118. "Most Ethical Congress in History"
  119. Practical solutions to the oil spill and job loss in the gulf
  120. BP - Cap or suck?
  121. Rand Paul is saying what Republicans have always believed
  122. Rand Paul favors racial discrimination by private business
  123. I hurt myself
  124. Jason Palmer RIP
  125. How Obama Got Elected - Video
  126. Tea Partiers
  127. The party of convenient memory - You Betchya
  128. lawful saboteurs?
  129. Fliptops
  130. Keith Olbermann spewing bile
  131. Transparency
  132. Botox Queen Speaks
  133. What do Tiger and Obama have in common?
  134. Chill out and have a happy Thanksgiving
  135. Well, this will put a crimp in your day.
  136. Sarah Vain and Simple
  137. Something we can all support
  138. The party of family values - you betcha!
  139. Ebay does the right thing
  140. Back to the 30 percenters...
  141. No good deed goes unpunished...
  142. Grayson owns republicans...AGAIN
  143. Why all the hate for Sarah Palin
  144. Does music make you a better person?
  145. Help my Dad with his life long dream
  146. Behringer Factory Tour
  147. I told you so.............
  148. Mr Obama, do us all a favor, please......
  149. The George W. Bush Presidential Library
  150. Keeley burns down!!
  151. From the UK
  152. Dirty little secret... sh-h-h-h-h!
  153. It never ceases to amaze me....
  154. The Night We Waved Goodbye to America
  155. Something for free
  156. Fundamental Transformation?
  157. A barrel of oil is the same price it was 2 years ago
  158. A thought while watching the debate last night...
  159. Election prediction
  160. government wants your paypal, Ebay, and credit card records....
  161. jaysg!
  162. Motorbikes and age
  163. Rambo Movie
  164. Something interesting to watch
  165. >>>Everyone read this!<<<
  166. Ron Paul 2008
  167. Third Political Party!
  168. Bush commutes Libby's prison sentence in CIA leak case
  169. DNA Testing...
  170. The pain of buying a car...
  171. Opinions Re:Jerry Falwell
  172. Skyrocketing gas prices....again...
  173. A very interesting site
  174. Ebay, Paypal , nothing but a big scam!
  175. A VERY scary movie..
  176. Don Imus, Where does it all go from there?
  177. Dateline tracking the I.D. Thieves
  178. Should Alberto Gonzales be fired?
  179. Gas prices going up, here we go again...
  180. Scooter lied
  181. This is for you Texas Tax payers LOOK OUT!
  182. Housing cost is NUTZ in this country
  183. Senator Jim Webb spoke the truth after the state of..
  184. Hey all you Carl Rove haters:
  185. Any vets out there?
  186. OK then....
  187. c'mon, where are you guys?