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  1. Fender 5-String Jazz Bass with Sadowski 4-Knob Preamp--loud constant RFI
  2. Mustang Electrics Problem
  3. Unoriented Alnico 5 humbucker magnets?
  4. Nylon bushings for guitar pots? SOLVED (kinda)
  5. My first guitar build
  6. Got Dunlop 65 string cleaner & conditioner all over my Ibanez Jem.
  7. A different sort of BIgsby
  8. FrankenSTRAT advice.
  9. 1/8" Pickup-Mounted Jacks for Hollow-Body Guitars?
  10. Super HSH Wiring scheme (question)
  11. Deaf Eddie Chromacaster 6P rotary switch
  12. Anyone Own a Custom Shop Robbie Robertson Bronze Stratocaster? Wiring? PUP Selection?
  13. pot taper question
  14. Making your own fret tang nippers revisited...
  15. Guitar (kit) builders out there?
  16. Telecaster 4-way Switch Conversion -> Background Hum
  17. What kind of guitar is THAT?!?
  18. G&L Tribute Legacy Alnico Pups -- WAAAAAY too Trebly
  19. Gibson EB2 inductor value
  20. The King is tone deaf!
  21. Conversion posts or bushings to mount Gibson bridges on Epiphones?
  22. Chinese Gibson clone neck..... makes you wonder?
  23. Chinese Gibson clone neck..... makes you wonder?
  24. Tele Neck on a Strat Body?
  25. Epiphone guitar modding
  26. '76 Jazz Bass?
  27. Source for push-push guitar pots?
  28. Bigsby modifications?
  29. Ground loops in a guitar ?
  30. Free Way Ultra Switch - Help needed!!!
  31. How to warm up a bridge humbucker in split single coil mode ...cap/resistor
  32. Mixing Single Coi & Hummbucker with Blend Pot?
  33. P-bass pickup hiss
  34. Three pickup selector with two DPDT switches (lousy schematics inside)
  35. Fender set to replace rosewood fretboards
  36. what resistors to make a 500K pot into a 100k? please
  37. Split coil HBs - noise cancelling pair?
  38. precision pickup template
  39. 1974 Musima Multi Star stratocaster wiring
  40. Guitar control trickery!
  41. Questions of designing a Digital Tuner for Electric Guitars
  42. Resistor Question
  43. guitar volume pot always on
  44. Evertune bridge. YES or NO. And why?
  45. Cort Sunset NY Pickup and Preamp Transplant Project
  46. Interesting project to say the least... an old butchered SG Jr?
  47. UV cure superglue
  48. Help Finding A Pot
  49. "Boomerang" L-Shaped Pickup's on Late 60's Greco 950 Shrike
  50. Locking Nut Pressure Pads. Sunstain decrease myth buster.
  51. Your experience with .010, .013. Breakage.
  52. strat harness wiring
  53. Seymour Duncan Triple Shot - 1 Pickguard Mod
  54. takamine acoustic electrics issue cp-132sc
  55. takamine acoustic electrics issue cp-132sc
  56. takamine acoustic electrics issue cp-132sc
  57. Tightening pot shafts? Any tips?
  58. Varitone...as master tone ?
  59. Nut slots-angled or straight?
  60. EMG H3/H3a Wiring Problem / Asking for Help!
  61. fix ground on wrap around bridge
  62. Guitar noise - Buzz
  63. Passive Treble and Bass control system - cap interaction?
  64. Potentiometers wholesale
  65. Les paul nut slots - fanned or straight?
  66. Variable Resonance Pickups - Fun with Buffers
  67. Looking for stacked pot
  68. Les Paul Bigsby grounding
  69. 1 Humbucker, 1 Volume, 5-way, and interesting options
  70. Cool guitars (and guitar parts)
  71. Frets sticking out from the front of the neck, DIY fix?
  72. Neck shaving
  73. Can you wrap your head around this?
  74. Air Core Pickups
  75. "Is String Grounding Necessary?"
  76. Good alternatives to OEM Gibson Nashville Tune-O-Matic bridges?
  77. Klein nibble tool for fret tang cutter on eBay
  78. What brand you find to be an overall better quality coated string?
  79. Alternatives to string tensioner bars
  80. "Greasebucket" tone control mods
  81. Passive Midrange revisited
  82. Left Handed Gibson/Epiphone SG in worn Brown?
  83. Fishman Prefix Pro Blend vs Fishman Prefix Premium Blend
  84. Sheilded wire capacitance and other guitar wiring questions
  85. string coming untied from ball end
  86. Inductor for Guitar (TL021)
  87. Unexpected piezo preamp blend effect.
  88. Guitar Noises
  89. Need to know fret size of Gibson J200 !!!
  90. entirely acrylic guitar!
  91. Fishman Fluence - anybody try them yet?
  92. Noisy Lace Sensor pickups
  93. ovation vxt
  94. DylanPickups Custom Tele "Matched Set / Alnico 5 / Nickel"
  95. Steve Kleinís Do-It-Yerself fret bending machine from LMII
  96. Permeability versus coercivity in AlNiCo, how does it manage both?
  97. DIY guitar knob puller?
  98. Tele Bridge PU in a Strat ?
  99. Is there a way to passively cut a selectable frequency?
  100. Pickup color codes, etc.
  101. Pickup amplitude trend with respect to pickup height; any theories?
  102. Tele switch
  103. Crackle noise following notes on E & B strings
  104. Angled claw?
  105. Compensated Lefty Ashtray on Righty Guitar
  106. Mike Christian IMPLANT piezo preamp by Bartolini instructions and schematic diagrams
  107. Best guitar kit out there
  108. Pickups that don't respond well to volume knob cleanup...any fixes?
  109. Squier Standard Strat 20th anniversary model wood question
  110. Yamaha SG45 bridge
  111. how to blend in neck p/u on a tele?
  112. For EE's: diff btw 'magnetic' noise vs 'electric field' noise?! (pickups, shielding)
  113. Cheap Practical Strap Locks
  114. Earvana nut > 1st fret?
  115. Great foil for pickguards, etc., but not much else
  116. HBs that sound good series, split & parallel?
  117. 75 cent fret crown tool!
  118. found a couple tons of burl
  119. Artec under saddle transducer problem
  120. Gibson SG- odd vol pots.
  121. Jason's #4: All maple, dyed black and... purple?
  122. Replacement nut to remove a Floyd Rose locking nut
  123. Sperzal locking tuner question
  124. Vintage Gibson Bass
  125. Fender neck on Squier body issue.
  126. Refret or Redress?
  127. Taylor Expression System ES II Fused String Ground
  128. Wtb. Fender strat neck. (Uk)
  129. Polycarbonate neck bracket
  130. Strange Buzz
  131. Q on Strat pickup pole spacings.
  132. Bass Wiring Layout
  133. where to get 8-string nut?
  134. Trick wiring for phase sw on guitar with only 2 pots
  135. Humbucker Wiring Problem- Makin me humbuckin crazy!
  136. Gibson ES345 pickups problem
  137. Machine screw M6 length Q.
  138. greenhorn fret leveling crowning
  139. Not experienced in reading schematics - Need your help please!
  140. Truss Rod issue.
  141. Is it really such a problem to leave Alnico magnets stuck together?
  142. Help me identify these Electric City Pickups
  143. Quick connector plugs for Gibson pickups?
  144. Optical Guitar Cable
  145. Please check my wiring diagram: DiMarzio Super Switch
  146. Opinions on Mojotone fretwire?
  147. Multi-Scale Guitars
  148. Top 3 string so sharp. Wtf already?
  149. Nut angle/ sustain.
  150. Bass Hum for no Apparent Reason!
  151. unwanted noise
  152. Dead sounding guitar- help to tone
  153. Wax to protect fretboard from CA (super) glue?
  154. What rotary switch for 3 pickup switching?
  155. Source for long shaft 5-way?
  156. Question / thought experiment regarding Strat trem blocks
  157. Gibson SG faded- pickup suggestions.
  158. Staggered Tuners
  159. Stray Vintage Trem problems?
  160. Joe Barden Gatton pickups vs Modern T pickups
  161. Pickguard material - cream/brown/cream
  162. OT?: Where Can I Identify the Logo on My Guitar?
  163. Rickenbacker 4004 problems
  164. Stupid but valid question about knobs and pickup covers
  165. Fixing a G&L ASAT MFD pickup
  166. An engineer's bass
  167. Which in-guitar (electric) preamp to install
  168. What's the difference between hollow body and hollowed out?
  169. Half of Jimmy Page wiring working. Need advice on the second half :P
  170. Help with 5 way super switch needed Please..
  171. Zero Frets
  172. Audio or linear pots. What makes them different?
  173. Opinions on pot values
  174. Does This Exist? - "Cumulative" Rotary or Slide Switch
  175. Middle Position Humbuckers out of phase wiring question
  176. Converting Single Coil Pickups to Split Coil Pickups
  177. Help Wirring Bass Guitar on board preamp
  178. Installing pickups problems
  179. Help me diagnose guitar hum/buzz
  180. Unusual volume pot interaction with new pickups
  181. Let's design our own neck jig!
  182. Make your own fret height gauge for $10!
  183. Pot Tolerances vs. Installation "Locations"
  184. Luthiers- upgrade your fret rocker... for free!
  185. Partial coil-taps, the straight dope.
  186. Small plastic plugs to fit Fender strat pick guard pot holes
  187. Question about a more advanced treble blled idea
  188. Volume pot confusion
  189. MIM Duo Sonic pups?
  190. CTS pot specs
  191. Old Strat - E string has low volume!
  192. Installing a Trapeze Tailpiece
  193. Jazz Master Bridge Bushings
  194. guitar screeching at hi gain?
  195. Maple necks on 2013/4 Les Pauls.. opinions?
  196. Wiring Dilemma: Epiphone Wildkat Diagram vs. Gretsch 5120 Diagram??
  197. $8.50 Chinese wraparound bridge fits PRS SE!
  198. Changing taper of 1 meg pot?
  199. Humbucker wiring
  200. Second position signal drop
  201. Tone caps of different materials in a guitar = different tones?
  202. Wiring up those darned push-pull pots!
  203. Anyone have experience with Gotoh side adjuster?
  204. truss adjustment wrench peavey raptor series tk
  205. Tips for beveling fret ends on bound necks?
  206. finishing up
  207. Gibson sg- very dark.
  208. dearmond silver foil pickup help for rescue!
  209. Interesting wiring scheme for 2 HB gtrs
  210. Pickup ID question - Gibson?
  211. Floyd rose nut install question.
  212. Does the Fender Microtilt system suck?
  213. Luthiery/frets: stupid questions and crazy tips
  214. So what is the purpose of a neck plate cushion or gasket?
  215. Electromuse Lap Steel
  216. Kay Up-Beat guitar question
  217. Natural finish for CV 50's tele neck?
  218. Epiphone Les Paul Special 2 finish question
  219. Unplugged solid body: loud and resonant or tinny and thin?
  220. Neck support when hammering in frets?
  221. Full circle- PRS SE recrowned and playing great!
  222. Gig bag disaster!
  223. 1986 Peavey Foundation Bass Guitar Maintenance/Repair Advice Needed
  224. Fret job update
  225. Idea for a pantograph engraver.
  226. Article on Beefing Up Single Coils with Metal Baseplates
  227. Noisy Gibson lap steel
  228. fix a loose trem arm
  229. CList: 3 sets of Bass strings - used once & boiled (?)
  230. Here's a tip for the luthiers out there...
  231. Thinline tele Bigsby installation.
  232. New Question: Tips on lowering frets
  233. Kramer Focus 3000 early 80s Question?
  234. Gibson USA gig bags and the donts...
  235. Fret Levelling Sandpaper sources
  236. Guitar setup tips
  237. $40 Fret leveling/recrown kit on Amazon
  238. Best cheapest Nitro Lacquer for headstock decal installs?
  239. Rickenbacker 6 String sells for $627,000.00
  240. Alessandro cables
  241. Building my 80s replica 70s strat with a Floyd Rose
  242. fender bridge ouch!
  243. Mystery Gibson LP?
  244. Damn you DiMarzio!
  245. Gibson EB-3 Replacement Switch?
  246. Pickup Crackle
  247. Vintage Custom Guitars
  248. Washburn VCC: Dual pot takes each HB from series to parallel
  249. Stratocasters 60th Birthday
  250. Will copper shielding fix a ground buzz?