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Thread: what about Gold Dragon tube

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    what about Gold Dragon tube

    There is one brand tube Gold dragon tube. Who know this brand? How about it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kldguitar View Post
    There is one brand tube Gold dragon tube. Who know this brand? How about it?

    I haven't seen those around for something like 10 years. I bought a few and they were very high quality- perhaps better for audio than guitar.

    Steve Ahola

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    I thought they were just chinese tubes, but re-branded??

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    golden dragon

    i bought a new matched pair ayear ago for $40/pair. they were real nice in my stereo.would sell them for $25 shipped. went to el34's.wayne

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    They are chinese BUT they were designed by British guys and met THEIR specs. They performed well when I had them. Like Steve said.............. about 10 years ago.

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    A tube that looks like a tweed amp, now that's novel! I just recently dug out my old Vibroverb into which I had installed a set of Golden Dragon KT66's I bought from Doug Hoffman *at least* 12 years ago. I gigged with this amp plenty, haven't used it much in the last 6 years or so. I measured the bias for the first time since install, the tubes were 1ma out. I was impressed.

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