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Thread: 6V6G Specs?

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    6V6G Specs?

    I just acquired some Marconi 6V6G output tubes.I want to put them in my Fender Deluxe Reverb,in which I have seen plate voltages of 430-440 volts.JJ 6V6S's work great in it.Will the 6V6G's stand up to that kind of voltage?

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    I've been running a pair of Zenith 6V6G tubes in my BFDR clone without a problem. Around 432 volts and biased to 25mA.

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    I just put them in my Allen Accomplice,with a 5AR4,426 volts and biased to 22mA.Very nice tubes!One of them gave me a blue flash accompanied by a little static right at first,but I played them for 45 minutes afterward and they seem to be alright.

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