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Thread: Hey Possum - original PAF on the way

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    Hey Possum - original PAF on the way

    One of my long-time customers, and the namesake for my "Marshallhead" pickup, just paid $2500 for an original 9k PAF. When he attempted to put a cover on it, it died - no readings. He's no slouch when it comes to doing stuff like this, so he's having fits over killing it right now.
    It's on it's way to me for repair. I'll take measurments of the slugs and some other stuff...I'll try not to lose them.

    And pictures, too, if I can find a replacement for my camera that just died.

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    Wolfe I'll be up your way around thanksgiving, and my mom has a good camera that we could use for close up pics if you don't get one by then. Let me know.

    Also, it would be a good time for you to look at my uncle's Porsche like we talked about.


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    Wolfe I'll email you privately off forum about some other questions I have but I have alot of points I'd like to know about. NO, I won't lose them I'll print them out this time :-) I'm also starting to realize that maybe the PAFs weren't consistent across the board, I've gotten slug measurements from a couple places and their all different. I'll email you after jam tonite or late tomorrow, dude...
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