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Thread: PR build pot wiring issue

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    PR build pot wiring issue

    This is a new build. I am not getting the volume to work. I measured the resistance across it and its 6.8k. Which is the resistor on the bass pot to ground. When I lifted it off ground the volume pot returned to 1 meg. The bass pot leg with 6.8k resistor runs to .047uf cap connected to .1uf cap back to bass pot wiper and over to treble (3rd leg) and volume (1st leg)causing it to drop to 6.8k. What did I do wrong?

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    Ok, nevermind that. I now understand the reason due to the 6.8k controlling the mid and that you can replace it with a pot . And I found out my troubles, the reverb transformer. I removed it and everything works fine now.

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