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Thread: Lab Series L7

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    Lab Series L7

    Looking for any and all info on this model. I have one of these old tanks, and I love it! Looking specificly for owners/ users manual. Any help out there?

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    lab series

    If I remember correctly, the boards were designed and assembled at the Moog factory. I remember seeing one at a local pawn shop years ago...$ the time I remembered what it was, it was gone. that's all I know.

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    Is the L7 4 10's? If so I used to have one. Nice slightly dark sounding SS design. Mine had a killer compressor on it.

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    Hello, I happen to own two Lab Series L7. You can get a service manual on eBay. If you can't find it through a search I will look for you. Here is a link to the board layout and schematic,

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