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Thread: odd 2 tube amp

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    odd 2 tube amp

    Ernst Amps from the Netherlands ( makes some $$$ multichannel tube preamps (The Rover) and tube power amps, among other things. Also on their site they had the schematic for this odd 2 tube amplifier with one 12ax7 and a 6L6. Its simple but also has some neat feedback and line out circuitry, also SS or tube rectification. Can't find any other info on the WEB, anyone seen this thing? Opinions?

    full schematic here:

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    You've seen one champ, you've seen 'em all

    (Just swap the 6V6 for a 6L6 and change a few resistor and/or cap values here and there - but its basically the same ubiquitous 5-10W Class A amp)
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    Ya, it's like a 10 watt amp , but it's a very well layed out 10 watt amp.

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