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Thread: Dynacord Eminent II

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    Dynacord Eminent II

    Hi I have the pleasure of owning a Dynacord Eminent II for the past 6 years, but unfortunatley the mains transformer has just failed on me.
    Before I resign it to the scrapheap does any one have any idea how I could source a spare transformer?
    Any info or advice much appreciated.

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    Hello Steve.
    Is it a Eminent II or Eminent II (T). The T-version is the one with with the solid state preamps. I think I have the the layout for both of them. Their mains transformers are different. Are you sure your transformer is dead? These Amps often have problems with the voltage selector switch. Dynacord/Germany might still supply spare parts. Ive regulary ordered spare parts from them. If you are interested I could contact them.
    Another source might be Welter Transformers/Germany.

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    Hi Steve

    I have one too, that is working , but i'd love to mod so it was better for guitar or bass

    ithere is a schematic in this post Dynacord Eminant II T - for guitar / bass ?


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    Dynacord Eminent II T schematic

    I have one. If you still need it send me an email and I'll be happy to scan it and email it to you. Or post it here. I need the two large power capacitors for a Gigant II if anyone knows where I might get them.

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