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Thread: Any large retailers still sell fuses???

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    Any large retailers still sell fuses???

    Anyone know of any large chains that still sell fuses? Hopefully will never need one but would like to have some on hand (Twin Reverb, 2.5Amp slo blow)Doesen't seem to be too many electronic parts stores out there anymore and the shipping costs are mounting. It seems the more I dig into my old Twin the more stuff I wind up needing and I keep forgetting the d... fuses.


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    not sure where you live but just about every town and hamlet in the US has a Rat Shack. They "usually" have a pretty decent assortment of fuses.

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    Wally's, Lowes and Home Depot stock fuses - the glass ones are getting harder to find. At Wally's, look in Automotive.

    Also, consider a breaker that fits your chassis' hole - nothing to replace, just hit Reset. -- you'd have to order it from somewhere.

    Hope this helps!

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