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Thread: 6P6S - Any one used these?

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    6P6S - Any one used these?

    i did a search here for any info on the 6P6S - an eastern block equivalent of the 6v6 -I didn't find much on the forum . Has any used them in a guitar amp? Any reviews?

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    I bought a load of them, and so far they a holding up well. Did some un-scientific matching, and they came out reasonably uniformly. I have four in my main giging amp that have been good for about a year. Just put some in a DRRI that seem so far to be good; and identical to the "groove tube" branded valves i took out.

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    I also have a dozen but never used them so far.
    Just a note if you're buying NOS russian tubes look for the additional "E" or "EB" letters which mean longer life and/or military version.

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