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Thread: Tube identification: manufacturer logo/markings database?

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    Tube identification: manufacturer logo/markings database?

    Anyone know of a comprehensive database of tube manufacturer logos/markings, or other identifiers? My interweb search skills stink; I'm not finding anything but it seems like there has to be something out there.

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    One would have to be a full time anorak to even contemplate such a neverending gargantuan task, full of pitfalls, endless cross references and slight innacuracies.
    I am at this moment willing the person who has undertaken this task to make themselves known. I for one, salute your endevour!

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    Uh, ok.

    Forget I said comprehensive then. Anyone know of a database of tube manufacturer logos/markings, or other identifiers?

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    If it is an old tube here is a list of Manufacturer.

    Tubes and CRT's EIA code
    Amperex (USA) 111
    Bendix 125
    DuMont 158
    Eimac (Eitel-McCullough, Inc) 162
    Electronic Tube Corp 169
    General Electric Co (USA) 188
    Hytron (CBS-Hytron) 210
    Machlett 231
    RCA (Radio Corp of America) 274
    Raytheon 280
    Superior Tube Co 310
    Sylvania (Hygrade Sylvania Corp) 312
    Tung-Sol 322
    United Electronics 323
    Western Electric 336
    Westinghouse 337
    Zenith Radio Corp (CRT's) 343
    Nortn American Philips Corp 423
    Taylor (aka Cetron-Taylor) 713
    Lewis & Kaufman 738
    National Electronics (also Cetron) 749
    Penta Laboratories 771
    Vacuum Tube Products 781
    Varian Associates 809
    Litton Industries 879
    Electrons, Inc 935

    I had a more comprehensive list but can't find it at the moment. Euro tubes have their own system. many have an etching in the glass that is pretty definitive, with dates and factory. like Mullard, Telefunkens have a Diamond on the bottom of the tube glass between the pins.

    All this info is on the WEB.

    the actual labeling on the tube may or may not reveal the the truth about who and where it was made.

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    Valve types

    I just Google this and enter the tube number I wish to cross ref. or examine.

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