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Thread: Changing Vibroluxe Reverb Custom tubes

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    Changing Vibroluxe Reverb Custom tubes

    Anyone has recomendations wich powertubes I should use??

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    Use tubes that bias up within tolerance, without having to mod the amp, the bias adjust resistor is tucked away behind the faceplate PCB (PITA). The stock Sovtek WXT don't sound too bad in these amps at 30-35mA (measured with the vibrato SWITCHED off)...I usually get a few sets and just run through them with a bias probe until I hit a good plate current & tone.

    I'd be looking more to sub the Sovtek 12AX7WA for better sounding tubes, they're a bit weak sounding.

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    My recollection is that the reverb always sounds weak on these. It's the circuit. There's plenty of gain at the recovery end, there's just no drive signal 'cause Fender futzed with the thing. The only easy fix that I've been able to do is make sure the reverb driver has plenty of gain. I sub a 12AX7LPS.

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    thanks for the infos! IŽll ty that

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