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Thread: Schematic for Kustom III Bass

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    Schematic for Kustom III Bass

    i am looking for the schematic for the Kustom III Bass head, either preamp and poweramp stage.
    i do not have a board number i do not even have the amp. i just want to look at the stages.
    Does anyone have this, or could help me, i would like to turn my Kustom III lead into a bass head,
    it seems to do quite well as one now running a single EV 15" but i wasn't sure if it would be necessary to change the Q of any of the amplifier stages. it is 130 watts RMS and it doesn't seem like it should be an issue as long as i listen and don't try to push it into DC leak to the speakers
    (output clipping)
    so if anyone has some suggestions, i do enjoy the sound of a bass through a guitar amp and have for some time. i full well intend to use my sovtek mig 100 when i put it back together,
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    I have no idea what boards were in that model. All my schematics are for the boards. SO all I can suggest is search for Kustom boards on this forum, and look at the schematics we have posted. They are all fairly similar other than details.
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