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Thread: hammond tubes question

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    hammond tubes question

    Really a couple question, I picked up a old hammon e-122 organ and pulled 3 12ax7 and 1 12au7 tubes they all have hammond on them 1 says made in britian 2 say made in holland and the 12au7 says made in usa. any idea what brand tubes theses might be.
    Also i have a crate vintage club 20 with reverb i plan on trying these in.
    I see v1 v2 and v3 not sure which is the phase inverter which i would like to try the 12au7 in and which is for the reverb.
    Thanks for any help,Ecoman.

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    This topic has come up on the forum in the past, try the search function.

    IIRC, the gist of it was that Hammond didn't make tubes, they just rebranded them, but they always used top-quality tubes.

    So, the Made In Britain ones should be Mullard, Holland should be Philips, and the US ones maybe RCA, Sylvania or whatever. Either way they should all be excellent.

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