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Thread: ECC 807 Brimar

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    ECC 807 Brimar

    Just going through some old tubes and found a new ecc807, it seems as far as I can see this is a high gain valve, but not being to hot on my electronics, thought I'd throw it in for some views. Could it go in a preamp situation in my Burman.

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    Only if you rewire the socket as it has a non standard pinout.
    1 cathode
    2 grid t2
    3 anode t2
    4 heater
    5 heater
    6 cathode t2
    7 anode
    8 grid
    9 screen

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    Ah, well that's perhaps a point where I should stop and be happy with my amp as it is. Any ideas of how it would affect the sound though.

    Just found this, all greek to me

    ECC804 and ECC807 data

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    Hi There, If you still have the ECC807 do you want to sell it please

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