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Thread: A Problem with the old model c?, Peavey cs800 power amp Loud Popping

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    Cool A Problem with the old model c?, Peavey cs800 power amp Loud Popping

    Hey all!.. I just started brand new on this site, So I hope I'm doing this right!.. I saw some very smart people solving,... well, helping to solve problems with equipment for others, and was hoping to get a little advice on my problem with my power amp!!! I just purchased an old model c? I think that is what it is according to the schematics shown by one other top person on here, Its a Peavey cs800 power amp, It has 83 D under the serial number so I don't know if that means anything, But every time I turn the power on, I get a loud thump or a Loud Popping sound through my speakers!.. I have a set of JBL's with 2 15's and a horn in each, which makes me jump when I turn it on. Other than that, It works fine. Both sides A & B work great, It just happens when It's turned on and off. Would anyone have any suggestions on what might be causing this? Thanks...RocknRoller

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    Turn both volume controls to zero. Does it still pop as loud? Does it pop less if no cords are plugged into the input jacks?
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    Thanks for the reply ENZO!..No, I tried it without the input cords from the mixer, and had both knobs all the way down and it still does it.. When I shut it back off, It makes a small fluttering sound then a pop sound!!..

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    While we're on this subject......I had a CS800 come in a couple weeks back for what shoulda been a simple output section rebuild. Turned out the main filter caps went tits up and were off the scale leaky. Time to keep an eye on these kids.....

    He opted to replace the amp since these guys...when you can find them....are quite spendy. I suppose you could fab up a replacement pcb with snap in radials in parallel to mount in place of those computer grade jobs. Time is money tho....It'd work out the same either way.
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    Thanks for the reply Gtr Tech!..I've played music in bands for about 40 yrs, But was never inside any of these power amps LOL!!, ...So, I just went to the guitar store and bought another Peavey 800cs identical to my old one, but was in more of a newer (cleaner) shape and had 83c on the back instead of 83D. Anyway it does the same thing as the other one. Evidently there must be something with the speakers maybe. I have 2 Jbl's, sk25, with 2 15's and a horn on each. I guess I'll try finding another set of speakers to just try and see if it still does this. Thanks again for the replies!!...

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    old cs8oo amp making loud sounds at turn on/off

    Hello there... with old amps such as these old timer's... the one let down is there was no soft start relay's on and one would hear all manner of thump's and sound's...

    Your best bet is to fit a speaker switch relay delay on off that save's the bang thud sounds... get a tech to make a 4 second 10amp relay pcb to fit the amp..

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