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Thread: Good Sounding Tubes

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    Good Sounding Tubes

    All of my guitar amps use either 6L6 type (5881 and 7027A included) or 6V6 power tubes. Recently, I subbed in EL34 tubes in a 5E8A Tweed Twin, and was pleasantly surprised how nice and different the amp sounds. I never had an amp before that used EL34 tubes. Are there other good sounding tube types out there that I need to check out for future amp builds or subs? What I'm looking for are tube types that have different tone and harmonic characteristics from what I've been using, and make great sounding guitar amp tone.

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    6L6 and EL34 are kind of the two ends of the tube taste spectrum. The other large octal tubes all line up in between.

    The 6V6 and EL84 do the same for smaller tubes.

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    Thanks Steve. Sounds like I need to build something with the EL84 tubes.

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