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Thread: John Birch pickups

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    John Birch pickups

    Hello, I am trying to make a copy of the John Birch Magnum. There is not much info out there about this pickup, but this is what I have to work with:
    According to an interview with John Carling, the old Magnums had much finer than normal wire (I plan on using 46 AWG, about the finest I can get before running into serious breakage/cost issues, I imagine), Stainless Steel covers, and huge Cobalt Steel magnets. I don't know exactly how large the magnets are supposed to be, but considering the Magnums are P-90 size and the magnets have to fit between the screws/polepieces of two bobbins, I can get an idea of possible length and width. Unfortunately, thickness is a complete mystery. Considering that Cobalt Steel is weaker than Alnico or Ceramic, I would think that even a strong Cobalt Steel magnet would have to be at least 5mm thick. But again, I'm not sure. Also, making a cover for it will be a pain. I've thought about getting sheet Stainless Steel to form into a cover (cutting, bending, welding, all things I'd rather avoid), but would rather just use an existing "chrome" P-90 cover and drilling new holes. Unfortunately, the only P-90 covers without holes are either black or white.
    Also, I know they were potted using epoxy, but I'd rather just use traditional wax.

    Any ideas? I'd really like some help on this one! Anyone have one of these pickups? A Hyperflux? Or even a Biflux? Also, anyone ever see the internals of a Multiflux?

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    I have a complerte set of original John Birch pickups including one sawn in half.
    Contact John Diggins at who is still producing these pickups for Tony Iommi.



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