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Thread: ken-rad 6l6g and 6v6gc from 1948?

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    ken-rad 6l6g and 6v6gc from 1948?

    Just got my hands on six JAN-CKR 6l6G, and four JAN-CRC 6V6GT. They come out of a sealed radar parts kit dated 1948. All are in boxes looking brand new!

    I would like to try these 6L6Gs in a 66 Super Reverb and a Non master SF Bassman-50. Since both were made for 6L6GCs what do I need to do before trying these. I'm looking for earlier power breakup. Also have a 5150 but not sure if that applies.

    Not sure what I'm gonna do with the 6V6GC yet but I've been thinking of building a Deluxe Reverb..

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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    The history of the 6L6 development is one of gradually increasing plate voltage maxima, from about 350v to 500 or so. 6L6G is quite early in that progress, and though I don't know exactly what these particular valves will take, and suspect no-one does, from personal experience I would expect them to be unhappy over 400v, and would very much doubt their ability to handle what they might find in a SR.

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    6l6G in fenders

    If your amp is marked for 6l6gc's, then the voltage is almost certainly too high for those early tubes. They will most likely not be able to handle what most Fenders will throw at them voltage and current wise, and would probably not last long at all, and they would probably redplate right away! Save the G's for your vintage gear that was designed for them. ...Jon

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