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Thread: Fender M-80..Digitech RP-20?

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    Question Fender M-80..Digitech RP-20?

    OK...I need some help if anybody has it. I have been a long time Digitech RP-12 user and had clean power amps and was cool until my equiptment was stolen and now I'm rebuilding. My thing is this...The RP-20 manual sucks...and the dirty channel on the M-80 sucks, and if I run the Board into the clean channel there is like "NOOOO POWER" at all. So anybody experienced with these two pieces of equiptment? I am after basically the same SAVAGE distortion I had with the RP-12...but thre interface is waaaaay different, and like I said earlier, the manual sucks. I figure this is a tough 1 , but if anybody has any ideas....throw them out there...thanx

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    You need to get into the program mode and make sure the settings for your gain and equalization are cranked up. Also make sure the level (I believe it's on the back) is also at least 1/2 way up.

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