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Thread: 7868-EH tubes any good? (New Electro Harmonix)

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    7868-EH tubes any good? (New Electro Harmonix)

    I just found out that Electro Harmonix is manufacturing new 7868 tubes... how exciting!

    Anyone have any experience with these?

    I own a 1965 Ampeg SB-12 Portaflex (aka "fliptop") which uses 7868's, but I was considering having it converted to 6L6's in order to keep it from becoming obsolete...

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    I guess that's good news. It sure beats the price of NOS-for which read "made of unobtainium".

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    I'm using some of the EH 7868's in a Bogen CHB100. They are very nice sounding tubes and have been reliable. I have NOS 7868's to compare them to and they sound about the same. I'd stick with them in your Ampeg. As a power tube, they have more gain than 6L6's so if you subbed the 6L6's in, the amp would probably sound lifeless without some adjustment to the gain levels coming out of the preamp. You may also have to modify the bias supply to get more negative voltage for 6L6's. I think the 7868's are your best choice.


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