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Thread: Tube Lineage?

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    Tube Lineage?

    Does anyone know what the origin or lineage is of the TAD 7025 S or The Tube Store 7025 Preferred Series? They appear to be the same tube but they don't look exactly like any other current production tube. Thanks!

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    Hard to tell, but there aren't that many manufacturers, these days. Did you ask them? They would probably be more than happy to answer.

    Did you like them by the way?
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    No I haven't asked them. I just got them yesterday. I assume they are made in China like other TAD tubes. Mojotone says the TAD's are made using German materials. Yes, I like them a bunch. I've only tried them in one amp so far.

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    This tube is manufactured in China, but is very different from usual (a new design). I usually use from time to time for certains aplications. My advice is to try. It´s a good tube.

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    Made in China to TAD specs!
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