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Thread: ELK EL-30

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    ELK EL-30

    I have just acquired an Elk EL30 amp and I'm seeking anyone who has some experience/knowledge of them.It has toasted 5AR4 valve and power transformer.So I'm trying to track down the correct size and Primary voltage power transformer( Australian mains voltage is 240vac ) Any info. you can give would be appreciated?? a schematic would be great??

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    These are just Fender knockoffs, so whatever model its closest to (Deluxe rev?), just use a replacement for that. Since the recto tube was wasted, its likely the filter caps are gone as well.

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    I have an Elk Custom 30 with the same problem, no vibrato. The tube that controls the circuit is 6AQ6 as I can best remember. While many of the characteristics are similar to a 12AX7, there are differences in plate voltages and the heater elements, as I can vaguely remember. Rather than dig into the circuitry, I'm going to find the correct tube and try it first. I'll get back to you in the future if I have positive results. Good luck in your search. Ollie

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