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Thread: Mojo JTM45 Schematic & Layout

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    Mojo JTM45 Schematic & Layout

    Here's the Mojo So Called JTM45 Schematic and Layout.
    It's actually a version of the JTM45 but with major differences.
    It uses 32uf Can Caps instead of 16uf Turret board mounted Caps.
    It uses EL34s instead of KT66s.
    It uses a 3.4K Low Impedance Output Transformer for EL34s, instead of the 8k OT for KT66s.
    It does use a Rectifier tube for B+ Rectification instead of Diode Rectifiers common with EL34s.
    The Layout is Terribly hard to follow.
    The Input Preamp Circuit is the old JTM45, not the Split Cathode of the 1987 Circuit.
    These can be used to Trouble shoot Mojo Kit Builds.
    Good Luck,
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    i want to build the 45 and i also want to do that mod you referred to
    & really i dont want to get into building amps for business
    pickups are simple

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    It seems that those files are gone?

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    guitician - Have a look at Big Teee's post over at Metro Amps forum.
    The files and others are still there. Forum ? View topic - Mojo JTM45 standby wiring.

    cross pollination ?

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    Might as well have them here too .
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