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Thread: Senior TC130 tube tester chart

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    Senior TC130 tube tester chart

    Hey Group,
    Does any have, or know where I can get a setup chart for the Sencore TC130 tube tester?
    I just got one without the setup chart. I have found the schematics on line but no chart.



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    A couple years ago I dug out a very near new condition TC-38 and found a lot of the Mighty Mite stuff on ham radio sites....

    Email me for more info, the whole series uses nearly the same setup and the booklet I have has chart info.

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    See if this works for you


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    JASON!!! you are the MAN.
    Yes, that will work just fine, thank you! Now I see why they called it the Mighty Mite.
    That is quite an extensive list of tubes that this thing will test. I really only needed it to test the usual power tubes and a few AX7's
    I forgot all about the Boat Anchor Manual Archive.

    I love the internet.


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