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Thread: Johnson Amplification JM150 LCD display repair...

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    Johnson Amplification JM150 LCD display repair...

    This question may be moot, but I have to at least ask. Is there any replacement parts or repair fixes for the LCD display on a Johnson JM150. Everything works and the amp responds and passes a signal and the back light illuminates the LCD display but the screen is blank, displays no characters.

    Everything I've read online seems to indicated the customer is S.O.L. so I thought I'd check with the experts!

    Thanks in advance,


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    Yeah, SOL for sure.
    That display has a character driver chip that is specific to that particular LCD.
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    Have you tried a re-boot? Otherwise the only generic repairs for displays I can suggest are that some may have elastomer strips that could be cleaned or maybe low power regulators (78L05?) which could go bad. Beyond that, what JazzP said...
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    A visit to their web site shows 801-566-8800 as the phone, and you can order parts.

    Just for grins, have you tried reinitializing the thing? A bad bit in memory could be sending blanks to the screen.
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    Needless to say, that you can perform the hard reset:

    1. Press and hold the CONFIG button while powering the amp.
    2. Release CONFIG button after about 5 sec (in fact you
    must see an asterisk appearing in the information line on the screen,
    but in your case LCD shows no information).
    3. Press MOD button.

    If this does not help, see below.

    If encoders affect the sound, the digital core is OK.
    Check control signals on the H15 connector. You must see “low” level on the pin 11 and pulses (at least when you turn encoders) on the pins 10 and 12. If all control signals present and LCD shows no information, you need to order new LCD (its p/n 30-6297-A).
    If at least one of the control signals is wrong, check what’s the matter.

    By the way, do you have the JM-150 schematics? If you need, I can upload it here.

    Good luck

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    Last Time I talked to Digitech, they inform me that they do not support that Amp anymore. I own has the main processor out ( 2101 ) and had NO luck speaking with them...just hate to have to part out such a great amp
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