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Thread: Footswitch Question

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    Footswitch Question

    I have a Roland Cube 60 and I'm making my own footswitch but I'm not sure what parts I need. I had a TubeWorks head in the past so I'm just using the casing from the TubeWorks footswitch. The way I plan to make it is 3 switches, three inputs, three cables. I'm just not sure what kind of switches, inputs or cables to get. The first picture was how the Tubeworks pedal was wired, The second is the same, just closer zoom. When I plug in the stereo cord to the Channel Select footswitch output and attach the wires like in Pic 2 it works but I have to tap the switch twice. If I leave everything the same but plug into the Effects or Delay/Reverb footswitch output it doesn't work. My guess is they're different because one is on/off and the other switches between two channels. Anyway, if I can get any help I really appreciate it. But specifically what I'd like to know is
    1) Type of switch? (and only have to tap once to switch)
    2) Type of cable?
    3) Type of input?
    Thank you.

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    If you have to tap the switch twice, it means you're using a latching switch where the amp expects a momentary one. Easy fix.

    Sorry, can't help with the other stuff.
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    How would I fix that? Because if I use a momentary it will only switch when being pushed down, right? And ANY info on anything will help a lot. Thanks.

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    And according to the Footswitch Doctor it has 3 Mono Plugs, 3 Mono Cables, and 3 Momentary switches. Can anyone explain how this would work?

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    its as Steve said, its a momentary switch that sends a short "pulse" to the amp likely causing a latching relay to flip:
    one pulse = A
    second pulse = B

    either the footswitch latches (ON/OFF) or the internal relay does using a momentary footswitch.

    momentary foot switches (OFF(ON))are usually much cheaper than latching (OFF/ON) switches.

    so you need 3 x mono (2 conductor cables) and 3 momentary switches all available cheap on the ebay
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    Awesome, Thanks

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    Roland Cub 60 footswitching problem

    Hi - Read your posts from earlier this year re footswitching problems with the Cube 60. I have the same problem i.e. I have to hit the latching footswitch twice to turn anything on or off and don't want to have to play with my foot holding down a momentary switch half the night! Did you ever get it sorted - if so I'd love to know how.

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    I have to hit the latching footswitch twice to turn anything on or off and don't want to have to play with my foot holding down a momentary switch half the night!
    But you don't
    You hit the momentary switch *once* (and let it go) and that's it.
    The amp will switch whatever it is and "remember" it until next push.
    As Steve and Ted said, the "latch" is electronic inside the amp, not mechanical in the switch.
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