Thanks to everyone who helped with my questions on my proposed Bassman project. Considering the parts I have available and my guitar playing ineptitude it would be kinder to my wallet and neighbours if I were to build a Deluxe instead. I have a pair of coke bottle NOS 6V6 that are in a white box, (maybe RCA, I'll have to check when I get home), some 5AS3 rectifiers and the choke I have lying around. Shuffling through some old correspondence I have available to me I believe the choke is rated at 15H and 50mA. I can do the string o' zeners trick if I need to reduce the voltage of the PT. I have a pair of Rola 12PEG speakers that have been waiting for the right project ever since I started accumulating junk. These are 12" 15ohm speakers specifically designed for guitar use (hence the G suffix).

the specified choke for the AA763 is the 125C3A which I understand is rated as 4H and 50mA. I am also aware that rectifiers have a limitation of the filter choke or capacitor that can be used. As there is a 16uF cap immediately after the rectifier in the AA763, do I need to be concerned about my choke being of such a high inductance? If it's OK, is it likely to have an affect on tone? Not that this is going to be anything like a clone. More a 'tribute'.

Secondly, the opto coupler thingy in the vibrato section. I've looked through the 97 different opto couplers in my local supplier's online catalogue and most of them are 6 or 8 pin IC type devices. Is there a specific part that I can use with P2P wiring? Is there a specification that I need if no part number?

And finally - is there any real difference between a 12AX7 and a 7025? I will probably use 6N2P-EV as I have a bunch of them in my cupboard full of junk. I believe I have a 12AT7 and i will use it as a PI as per spec.

Of course, if anyone wants to talk me out of building a Deluxe and thinks I should build something else (preferably a valve amp using the parts i have mentioned) instead, I'm open to suggestion.

Very many thanks for your continued help.