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Thread: 3080 ICs availability?

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    3080 ICs availability?

    I'm looking for these CA3080 or LM3080 and the only people still carrying these are from Hong Kong. Are these legit?
    Charles Luke

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    We purchase a lot of semiconductors from Hong Kong on eBay,and so far so good. Seems legit and many times, the only source.

    Didn't know the 3080 was on the endangered species list. We have plenty of 'em.
    John R. Frondelli
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    I don't use them a lot myself, but from Mike and the other guys around I understand they went through a phase where they were hard to find.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gizmoaudio View Post
    I'm looking for these CA3080 or LM3080
    If these are for Older Peavey amps, you can't use run of the mill CA/LM3080
    Peavey BH400 Problems
    ? about LM3080N used in a peavey amp

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