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Thread: Fostex G16s G24s rec/repro card recapping

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    Fostex G16s G24s rec/repro card recapping

    As the electrolytic capacitors age on these cards, they get rotten, go high ESR, and cause the channel associated with the failing card to sound bad or quit working altogether. Replacing the caps on the card brings it back to proper operation and restores fidelity.

    EVERY electrolytic cap is replaced, and small values (sub 1uF) are replaced with film types which won't ever need replacing again. Better quality parts are used than were originally on the boards and should ensure at least another 20 years of service life.

    Calibration settings will not be disturbed during the reworking of the board, but if you have been recalibrating to compensate for the degrading audio quality, you will need to recal once the reworked card is installed.

    NOTE: The capacitor replacement should bring 90% of all dead cards back to life. If you have other problems such as bad relays or bad Dolby circuits, this will not fix that.

    Price is $60.00 per card.

    Cards will be tested for operation in a G24s prior to return.

    Fostex board | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Picture represents reworked card.

    Cards should be carefully packed and anti static bags for each card are recommended as to not damage any static sensitive components. If you can't get anti static bags, wrapping each one in paper should provide adequate protection.

    Free return shipping to US residents only. Contact me for international rates.

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    Dredging up an old thread...

    Anybody still working on these machines? I'd like to revive mine soon...

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    Gtr_tech hasn't posted here in a while, but his email button is still there, you might try emailing him.

    People still work on them, I retired so I no longer do.

    Your location is not on your profile so we can;t make more specific suggestions.
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    Thanks for your reply. I'll try his email.

    I'm about 50 miles west northwest of Los Angeles.

    I'll update my profile soon too.

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