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Thread: Ross PC-4110 Powered Mixer Schematics

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    Ross PC-4110 Powered Mixer Schematics

    Hi, I have inherited a Ross PC-4110! On opening it up I see that the power transformer is missing.....but the smell of the burnt out transformer lingers on! It has been worked on extensively....probably after the meltdown. It appears to have a full compliment of output transistors, along with their respective drivers......but it is anyones guess if they are even remotely correct.....I would suspect by their codes that they are all equivalents of what was originally used. I realise that it is an old model.....but then I enjoy challenges!
    If anyone can help me with a circuit diagram it would be a great help.

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    My opinion is that you bag it!
    You can find schematics for $20.00 online (Musicparts?)
    The transformer you will most probably not be able to find.
    If any transistors are bad, there is more money.
    Ross basically made cheap junk.
    It will prove to be a money pit.

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    Hi Nickelec .. I tend to agree with Jass P Bass although if you want to do it for the experience and money is no object....

    Many moons ago possibly pre Behringer and the onslaught of the more affordable foreign imports I had one to repair
    with the same problem.
    The transformer was cactus and for memory had some traditional??? fault like shorted o/p transistor .
    I fitted (just) two transformers one was definitely 15v 0 15v (30v ct) for the low voltage side (also low current) and the other was a toroidal for the main power amp.
    Unfortunately I cannot remember the voltage of the toroidal transformer ~ maybe (and this is a guess) about 70v CT.

    At the time I thought it was hardly worth it but a decent replacement like a Fender , Yamaha or Electrovoice etc was out of the question for the owner .

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    Hi OC! Sorry for the delay in acknowledging ur comments. You are spot on re the transformer voltages. I looked at the voltage of the power supply caps, and they are 50v. I later received a list of the 12 transistors that are used in the amp, and was also informed that the transformer voltages were more or less what you stated. The truth is, besides the transformer that was completely cooked....I only had to replace one TIP32c and one 2SA1206 to breath new life into the ROSS using two transformers that I had hanging around. I will look around for a suitable 2nd hand replacement Jazz P Bass correctly stated.....the amp doesn't have much of a resale value! I saw it as a far I have spent around R50 which equates to $5! Thanks a million for the input........
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