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Thread: Help adding a decay control to a Paia Gator Noise Gate

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    Help adding a decay control to a Paia Gator Noise Gate

    So I'm pretty useless at building pedals so i was contracting out someone I know to build me a Paia 5730 Gator Noise Gate.

    So this works as a regular noise gate but it has an added feature of having a sidechain that can be used to trigger the gate. The idea is to run a drone note into it and use a bass drum to trigger the gate and let sound through.

    The pedal has an attack knob so you can soften the gate opening but I really want a decay control to get a nice fade out on the signal.

    The guy I asked about it said he can build it but he's not sure where in the circuit to put the decay feature. Here's a pic of the circuit. If anyone can give me any input as to where it can / should go, help a brotha out. THANKS!

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    So maybe if I provide some context, it'll get people a little more interested in it. The entire idea, for anyone who cares to read about it, is I'm running a guitar amp and a bass amp off of 1 guitar. The bass signal is running into a mute pedal with a momentary switch -> ehx freeze pedal -> micro pog -> "magic noise gate" with the bass drum side chain. The idea is to be able to have different bass rhythms from what the guitar is doing so it's not the same as every other two piece where the sub octave is just all the same stuff as the guitar. But that is why I need the decay control so I can have some nice naturalish decay on the bass signal.

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    you can try removing D3, so the attack / delay pot will control both attack & release with the same time constant, or pot a pot in series with D3 to control the release time

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    Thanks for the tip. I'll try this out and get back with results.

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    That ought to work. if it does, you could do a couple things. Add another 250k control in series with D3. (put D3 back in.) As it sits D3 allows the timing cap C8 to discharge through the diode when the output of IC3c goes low. Adding a control in series would slow that down. It already also uses the control as part of the discharge, but the diode path is much faster. What we also might be able to do is add a diode facing the other way in series with the existing control. That way the control only affect how fast it comes on, and does not affect going off. And the original diode with its new control I added controls the speed of turn off without affecting turn on.

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