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Thread: PHONIC 780 PLUS schematic needed

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    PHONIC 780 PLUS schematic needed

    Hello all!

    I am working on a PHONIC 780 plus powered mixer. The problem started with the effects display acting intermittent with the effects not working consistently and now there is no audio output, the cooling fan has stopped working (bench tests ok) and the effects display does not function at all. I suspect a low level power supply problem (?)

    Also does anyone know if the Phonic brand equipment is the same as Behringer equipment? I've seen several comparisons on the net so I was just wondering.

    Thanks for any assistance you might have!
    Curt in Ohio

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    I believe that that unit uses a switch mode power supply.

    I never had any luck getting the schematic.

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    There are several Phonic diagrams at Elektrotanya Service manual, eprom result list | ElektroTanya | Service manuals and repair tips for electronics experts but not the 780 Plus.

    I'm not sure who copied who but I think they bear a remarkable resemblance to the early pre smps Yamaha models like the EMX 640.
    Behringer like to have a finger in every pie so I guess they have similar models too !

    They do have the 740 a lower wattage output powered mixer

    PHONIC POWERPOD 740DELUXE Service Manual free download, schematics, eeprom, repair info for electronics

    and the 1860 which has a higher wattage powered output.

    PHONIC POWERPOD 1860 DELUXE Service Manual free download, schematics, eeprom, repair info for electronics

    Without printing them out and studying them I suspect they are very similar apart from some higher rated components in the 1860.

    My guess is your supply will bear a resemblance to these .

    Here are jpg's (aprox 500k each) of those supplies taken from the linked manuals.



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