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Thread: low-impedance pickups thin

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    Could be Monel. Guess that wouldn't be very magnetic. The electric version is called 'American Steel'. That's why I assumed Stainless Steel. Maybe just Nickel plated Steel. I don't know.

    Better yet, get this and use whichever strings you want:
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    Gibson and Rotosound made Monel strings too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by David Schwab View Post
    Gibson and Rotosound made Monel strings too.
    Google tells me:

    Gibson started making Monel strings in the 1930's. They had been discontinued, then started again with the Sam Bush mando strings.
    I "misspoke" before- should have made the connection: Bill Monroe -> Gibson F-5 mandolin -> Gibson strings.
    (Also, Lester Flatt -> D-28 Martin guitar -> Martin strings; Earl Scruggs -> Gibson Mastertone banjo -> Gibson strings)

    Rototsound has made flat wound Monel bass strings since the early 1960's.

    What this has to do with thin low impedance pickups, I have no idea.

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