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Thread: bandmaster 100 watts

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    Cool bandmaster 100 watts

    my 68 band master has 2 more blanks for power tubes do i have to up grade power supply and or transformers or can i just add the additional tube circuits simular to the bassman 100 schematic

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    Fender used the same chassis as the Showman for the bandmaster when yours was made and put covers on the extra two power tube socket holes. To make it 100W (or ~85 watts as it was in that time) you would need to upgrade all the transformers in addition to adding the extra two power tubes.
    The rest of the power supply is the same.

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    Some people have installed the extra sockets and then used four 6V6's. It's not any more power, but a different feel. I haven't done it but search the forum and you should be able to find some posts.

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