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Thread: Useful tools

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    Atlantic Folding Stool with Handle #38436095

    While not exactly a tool I have found these folding stools to be very useful. I picked up a red one from Fry's for $9.99 and it worked out so well that I bought a blue one to keep in my car.

    The label says that it is good for up to 250 lbs but I'd be careful if I weighed over 200 lbs (just be ready to jump off if you feel the chair collapsing!) Actually it feels more secure than some of the cheaper folding chairs.

    I am slowly regaining the strength in my back and hips from my grueling ordeal with chemotherapy last year so I try to do as much work as I can sitting down to save my strength for the tasks that require standing.

    The seat is 11.5"×12" and 18" off the ground. The legs made of 3/4" tubing are crossbraced with 5/8" tubing 8.75" and 10.75" apart, with the two pair of legs 12" apart when open and locked. When closed the seat is 28" high, 12" wide and with a maximum thickness of 3".

    Although Fry's sells them individually you can only get 4 packs from Amazon, Home Depot or Walmart. You might want to get them locally to make it easier to return them if they don't work for you. BTW the seat attachs to the folding legs with 6 phillips head screws so you could remove the seat and attach a piece of wood for a small folding table.

    Atlantic Black Folding Stool (Set of 4)-38435923 - The Home Depot

    Steve A.

    BONUS ITEM for your small travel bag or box: Guitar Tech Wrench Set from StewMac for $10.45 (item # 3691)
    Very flat but strong open end wrenchs (3 of 'em) with SAE on one end and metric on the other: 3/8",7/16" & 1/2", 10mm, 12mm & 14mm

    Guitar Tech Wrench Set |

    6 sizes guitar techs use all the time
    These three double-ended wrenches fit jacks, pots, switches, bridge studs, stompboxes… Just about every wrench you need for guitars and amps.

    Quality hard-plated steel
    Slim enough to slide under control knobs, and into tight spaces, but tough enough for professional repair shops.

    Inches on one end, metric on the other
    1/2" + 14mm: output jacks on acoustics and electrics; DC input jacks on effects pedals; our flush-mount jack
    7/16" + 12mm: control pots and TonePros™ Locking Studs
    3/8" + 10mm: amp chassis and speaker nuts; threaded tuner bushings

    6" long (152mm)
    1.5 - 1.7mm thick
    I wish I knew about these when I installed the TonePros locking studs for a wraparound bridge a few years ago! The cheap wrench that comes with the studs spread apart the first time I tried to use it so I got a cheap 12mm wrench from Home Depot and used my grinder to make it thinner. I could only get it so thin and it was useless if the studs were close to the body.

    I needed an open end wrench the other night and these were the only ones I could find — I was surprised at how strong they were! Yes, if you really need to torque it down get a regular wrench but for anything else these should work fine. Especially handy for tightening loose guitar pots without having to remove the knob first!

    As always with StewMac wait until you are ordering enough to justify their minimum shipping charge which just went up a dollar to $9.95 (ouch!) Well, StewMAX membership with free shipping is still only $39.99/year.

    I placed a big order a few months ago when I was getting a lot of needed items that they had on super clearance but otherwise for small orders I look for other luthier supply houses on eBay with more reasonable shipping charges and have even tried some of the items from China at ridiculously low prices with free or nominal shipping charges for packet deliveries. (I guess that they load boxes with these small packets and eventually ship them out when there is room in a container on one of the big ships, hence the estimated delivery time of 2 to 6 weeks. What the heck, it works for me!)

    41vazxvyxpl._sy355__20170912013117859.jpg screenshot_2017-09-12-00-46-02_20170912013044202.jpg
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 41vazxvyxpl._sy355_.jpg   screenshot_2017-09-12-00-46-02_20170912013039131.jpg   screenshot_2017-09-12-00-46-02.jpg  

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    Tip for the stool... The thin vinyl feet often break down in short order and can mark up finished floors. You can get heavy rubber slip on feet at any Ace Hardware store. This also reduces sliding on hard, slick surfaces.
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