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Thread: Finger Rest Pickguard/Pickup Combo

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    Finger Rest Pickguard/Pickup Combo

    Anybody know where to get a template or blueprint for one of these?

    I know that one is made by our friend and colleague Mr. Lollar but I'm sure he's not about to turn such info over to me, and besides, I have a customer who wants me to make a humbucker version.

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    I would start here Pick Guard PDF Outlines and then just add on what you need freehand. If your customer wants an exact repro then let them come up with a template. How would they ever know anyway?

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    Ted McCarty/Grant Green Thin Single Coil Pickup Project

    No template here, but photos showing component layout and installation on guitars.
    You'd probably want to adapt the pickguard to suit the particular guitar's string spacing and body lines anyway.

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    Couldn't you just look at the pole spacing, and maybe the distance between the screws to get a rough idea. Lay it out on paper and adjust accordingly. Also couldn't you print it out on your computer at 100% actual size ?

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    Of course I have a #$%& load of hours into drawing that up and figuring it out so I wouldnt give the patterns away but i can tell you the pickguard is laminated so the pickup sits up into it. A thin piece of guard material for the face with 6 holes for the pole and a thicker wbwb piece with a rectangular cutout for the body of the pickup to clear. The height from the top of the guard to the bottom of the dog ear bracket the pickup sits in is app. .45 tall so overall the entire assembly is .45 - the gap for the coil is app. .1 tall so its a very thin pickup. Google mccarty pickup images and youll find front and back shots etc.
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