Hello to all.

I was given a Laney GH100l to check over as it's sounding a little odd..seems to ring out on e 6th string..plus it's been to a few tech's over it's time.

now after looking inside it seemed someone has been heavy handed with the glue gun on most of the caps so a clean up needs done there, how ever the main thing here after a quick 1k tone at say 200mv input as this works well on my marshall combi with plenty of output signal. This one seemed low even with the master level turned to 5!..... so I called the owner who say's yeah it's got plenty of power! mmm? well this one is whispering at me even when it's turned up!

it's the classic of..it worked before etc...

It's time to break things into stages here..loop send and return together and see it that improves things but, it not, then feed signal out to check front preamp circuits followed by o/p stage check's etc

Has anyone come a cross this same fault before??

It's been been a few years since I done valve gear...