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Thread: Hammond C3 Organ HELP!

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    Hammond C3 Organ HELP!

    Our Church organ (Hammond C3) all of a sudden stopped working. There are two switches the Power (which flips on just fine) and the other switch (Run???) which when I try to flip it flips right back. I opened up the back panel and in the bottom left hand corner there is a metal box with two grey/tan wires (fairly thick wires) that are sticking up from it - They look snipped (as if it was once one wire that got cut). I cant imagine somebody snuck into the church and snipped them although our last organist left on poor terms so I guess anything is possible. I put the two wires together (probably a dumb thing to do) and they sparked. Can you help me? Does the switch tell you anything? How about that wire inside the console? No sound comes from the unit although when I turn on the amp and flip the power it does sound as if it is on since a hum comes from the speakers. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pastor Mike View Post
    Our Church organ (Hammond C3) all of a sudden stopped working. There are two switches the Power (which flips on just fine) and the other switch (Run???) which when I try to flip it flips right back.
    The one that flips back when you let it go, that's the START switch, it's doing what it's supposed to. In ordinary startup sequence, you hold the start switch on for say 5 to 10 seconds, then while holding it on, switch the other (RUN) switch on. After a second or two, let go of the START switch and it will automatically spring back to its original position. A few seconds more tube warmup and you should have sound coming out. That you hear some hum tells us the amp is turning on, a good sign.

    If you get in too deep, there's usually a Hammond specialist in just about every city & town.

    The RUN motor is too weak to get the tonewheel generator turning on its own, that's why there's the startup sequence.

    Don't know what the loose wires were, I'd leave 'em alone.
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    Show us pictures of the wires.

    What happens when you push the start switch and hold it?

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    Agree, find someone who knows what he is doing. I would hold the start switch on (it is supposed to be spring loaded like that) for at least 25-30 seconds. Then flip the power switch ON while still holding start, then let start go.

    ANy cut wires are likely the remains of something past. Don't assume things or start trying to "correct" them without knowing what you are about. They could be left from an arrangement that no longer exists. The organ is likely 50 years old, is it not?

    The motor runs the tone wheel sound generator. if the motor does not spin up, then no sound comes out.

    Hammond tone wheel organs also MUST be lubricated. there is a light weight oil we just call "Hammond Oil", it is sold online. Do not use anything else. Have someone show you how to do it. You must use enough, but too much, and it just drains onto the floor.
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    You might search captain foldbacks site (Lars) and look around for any info and schems there. Mike.

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