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Thread: Help Finding A Pot

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    Help Finding A Pot


    I am customizing a Cort Acoustic Electric Guitar by replacing the existing preamp system with a custom system. To do this, I need to find some 50K ohms pots that look like the attached doc. I've been looking all day and do not see anything that would fit. Yes, I have looked at Mouser and other parts supply shops.

    As you can see, the overall length of the shaft is approx 18mm. Most of that is the threaded portion that goes through the body sound board. The knurled portion of the shaft is approx 7mm. The threaded portion is approx 11mm. The base diameter is 15mm (but I can go with something larger).

    Most of the pots I have found (mini style) are too short. Has anyone see anything like the pot shown here?


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    All I can say that may help your search is that they are called 'long bushing'.
    That would be a standard 16mm (dia.), long bushing 50K. By that I mean the diameter is a standard type, long bushing is not common.
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    Thanks Greg...

    That was a helpful hint. I think I have found something that will work.


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    Search for long shaft pots, CTS makes full size ones and alpha makes 16mm versions. I know we get 25K versions for EMG pickups, not sure about 50K though.

    These are typical for Les Paul carved top guitars.

    I suppose that you could buy long shaft 500K CTS pots and replace the resistance elements with 50K wafers.

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    Is the 18mm length used through the body ? Tayda has a lot of the Korean pots for guitars made over seas

    This one is 17mm

    50K OHM Linear Taper Potentiometer Spline Shaft Solder Lugs

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    Yes... these pots are through the body. They will be connected to a Fishman Active Preamp. I am removing the pots from the preamp board and mounting them where the original pots are located (on the sound board). When I finish the project, I will open a new thread showing what I did. The advance teaser is that I am using different components to kluge and active preamp system for this guitar.

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