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Thread: Correct heater wiring ?

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    Correct heater wiring ?

    I noticed this Video about heater wiring & about humcanceling ,please discuss ?
    if there is a proper way to do heaters ,One thing i guess it to use 2 color heaters like Marshall uses .
    I tried to test this on my 5E3 with my All green heater wires but there is continuity on all my heater wires even the pilot light so this may or may not be correct .
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    All you need to know about heater supplies and wiring is here:
    The Valve Wizard

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    As you noted, there will be continuity on all heater wires because of the light bulb, the filament wires, and the filament transformer. Notice he never checks pin 2 to 7 for continuity. If he did, he would see the error in his "instructional" video.
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    Yeah, the only way that technique will show any meaningful results is if you pull all the tubes, the lamp, and lift one side of the filament wiring coming from the transformer. Otherwise, it's useless.
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    It's weird, because it WAS working fine.....

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