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Thread: Numark C3FX (or 200FX) Service Information needed

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    Numark C3FX (or 200FX) Service Information needed


    Has anyone got the schematics for this? I have a C3FX on the bench. The left side main board inside is labelled 200FX which was its predecessor so presumably heavily based on that model. I can't find Service Information for either of these two mixers in any of the places I usually hunt.

    It all seems to work but there is a buzzy hum on the heaphones and outputs. It is worse when the effects are in use but still there when all faders are down and effects are off. The noise goes away when the plug to the piggy-back effects board is disconnected. However, as the effects all seem to work, I suspect the problem is in the mix stage rather than the effects board itself. The main board on the right side seems very sensitive to touch, almost as though somehing has gone high impedance that should not be.

    I suspect it will be an easy fix with the circuits.


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    Have you tried contacting Numark for support?

    Unit 3, Nexus Park
    Lysons Avenue
    Ash Vale
    Hampshire GU12 5QE
    United Kingdom
    Tel: 0044 (0) 1252 896000
    Fax: 0044 (0) 1252 896021

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