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Thread: Help with wiring a switched 1/4'' TRS jack

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    Help with wiring a switched 1/4'' TRS jack

    I am doing a project and I need help with wiring. I'm new to the electronics so don't judge and help me understand...

    I need to connect a TRS input socket to an XLR output jack. The signal fed will be mono, but balanced (TRS). I bought neutrik XLR male, however I can't find a TRS 1/4'' unswitched female jack, so I bought a switched jack (6 terminals). Now I want to connect the switched jack normally as you would connect an unswitched jack. Since I'm a newbie, I thought it would be best to consult with someone, but I have read about switched and non switched jacks, and I kind of grasp the difference. As i've said I would use the switched one as unswitched (I don't need any features of normalled tip and ring connection), so how would I wire that...?

    Would I just connect the main terminals (t to t, r to r, s to s) of the TRS jack to the XLR pins and just ignore the switched terminals, or would I need to connect them in some way in order to signal to go through to the XLR?
    And is there a downside to using a switched jack without the switches, like the noise or something?


    Example of the switch I bought:

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    Hi and welcome to the forum.

    There's no disadvantage at all in using a switched connector. If you were to install the socket in a PCB you'd want the extra pins for mechanical stability, even if they were unused. The one in your link is dual-purpose in having pins for PCB use, as well as holes for wires if you mount the socket on a panel. Just connect to the main terminals (in the picture the top row) and ignore the other three.

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    Wow, that was fast. Thanks a lot friend! Much appreciated

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